Friday, April 22, 2011

An Earth Day Surprise

Today when I stepped out on my front deck a wonderful surprise was waiting for me.

It was an evergreen sapling with a note.  I thought perhaps the note would tell me who it was from.

Instead, it was instructions on how to plant my tree.

I hurried to get my baby into the ground and watered.

Luckily it wasn't hard finding the right place.  I have a small faux woodland section at the top of my garden.

And my little tree has found a home there.

Thanks Amy and Mickie for my Earth Day surprise.


  1. Aha! So it was them who dropped it off :)

    At least now you know who to call in case your orange sign goes missing ;)

  2. I was just going to ask: Was it Amy-Lynn who delivered it? What a delightful Earth Day surprise! The Earth thanks you, for sure, for planting it.

  3. Dear Amy-Lynn (aka Flandrum Hill),

    It would be funnier if you took my orange sign and left a blue one.

    I could use something for target practice. ;-)

    Kath, Amy-Lynn was my first suspect.


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