Sunday, April 24, 2011

Road Trip !

Amy and Mickie took me on a road trip to Hall's Harbour today.   It's a tiny fishing village on the Fundy shore.

I just can't gush enough about the Bay of Fundy's tides.  They are the highest tides on the planet.  "How high?" you ask.   Very high.  Would ten foot tides impress you ?  twenty feet ?  thirty feet ?  how about forty feet ?


These two pictures show the difference between low and mid-level tide.  Check out the water mark on the piers.  The tide still has another five feet or so to rise.  For a live web cam of this harbour, click here.

We turned up a dirt road that bore no indication of what lay ahead.

Nova Scotia is pretty frustrating in this way.  Marvels wait unheralded at the end of many ordinary roads.

The pebble and stone beach followed a magnificent multi-coloured cliff.

Boy !   That's pretty high.

We stopped to admire the many rock falls.

And a water fall.

Off in the distance we heard a rumble.  Then farther down the beach, behind an earlier rock fall, we saw a rising cloud of dust -- a new rock fall had just happened.

The beach was a treasure trove of fascinating, sparkly rocks.   "Look here", one of us would call.  "Look at this rock", another would say, holding a find out for the other to view.

We marvelled at the crystals marking the surface of the stones.  My handy, dandy, hand lens gave us even better views.

We returned to the car with pockets, backpacks and a pail full of treasures.

We had a marvellous time but our day's adventures did not stop there.

Sorry, you'll have to wait for the next post to hear more about our day and the "jelly bean" cottage and other neato stuff we saw.

This is terrific.  I love finding new places to take guests.


  1. Looks wonderful Sybil. All there waiting for me!

  2. Can't wait to show it to you Lynne.

  3. The few times I've had the chance to experience it, I've found the silent rise and fall of tides to be absolutely magical. It's as if the sea is constantly reminding us that in the end, it is the more powerful. I'm so glad you included the person and dogs in some of the cliff images. They give a perfect sense of scale.

  4. Cindy, the tides on the Bay of Fundy are astonishing. You're right about the person with the cliff. It was only after I got home and looked at that image that I realized just how darn high that cliff was !

  5. It must be amazing to now live by the ocean and near the Bay of Fundy. Beautiful shots - very cool ones of the boat!

  6. You can keep track of Hall's Harbour at and

  7. Oh they're wonderful Margaret. I think I might just go back and embed that web cam in the post.

    Thanks. Sybil


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