Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bush-whacking with Amy-Lynn ...

Amy-Lynn's, Flandrum Hill home backs onto a marvellous wood.

Yesterday she led me on a nature ramble which at times turned into more of a nature scramble, in search of a bog where she once had found salamander eggs. 

Seeing this image, of a jellatinous egg mass being held in the hand of a child, made me want to find amphibian eggs for myself.

We walked and walked.  Sometimes the path became impenetrable and we had to find an alternate route.

Unfortunately, sometimes the path was TOO easy.

Sadly, Amy-Lynn's bog was criss-crossed with the slash of newly-cut survey lines.

To remind us of this ugly intrusion and the damage yet to come, our walk was often serenaded by the whine of chainsaws.

This once-lovely spot with a view down to the ocean, had been denuded in preparation for a new home.

Still we did find this beautiful, magical place with lichen-draped trees.

Though we were not successful in our search for pond life

-- we did find one frog sitting on the path .

We figured a child had dropped him, so we left him there in hopes of a later reunion.

We returned home, tired, refreshed and a little sad about our relationship with mother earth.

For Amy-Lynn's post about our walk, click here.


  1. Interesting to read both your blog and her blog, from two different persepctives. I am flying up to Nova Scotia today to go bush-wacking with both of you. (NOPE! Not really. It was just a dream...maybe someday.)

  2. Sybil, your photos make it look all the more devastating. good grief. WHAT A SIN!!!!

  3. Kathy, that would be so much fun. Till then please come walking with us virtually whenever you like.


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