Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink -- the colour of spring.


Traditionally, Nova Scotian springs are late and cool, and autumns are warm and long.

I'm counting on the coming fall to make up for the weeks of endless rain and chilly temperatures we have endured !!!  

Trees and bushes are only just coming into leaf now.

Look closely.  This tree is not green with buds --  it's pink.

I never noticed before how colourful the woods were in spring.

If you'd asked me, I'd have said everything is green in the spring and colour comes later, but look at these pictures !

The Tamarack is an amazing tree.  In the summer it looks like an evergreen, but come fall it turns yellow and drops its needles !

How unusual that in spring it displays these pink buds.

Why am I showing you this little green tree ?

Because of this ...

the new growth at the top of the tree is pink.

Like I said -- pink is the colour of spring.


  1. The woods is pink! I love that you blogged this. Looking around the woods right now I can see reds and yellows and greens (but would have to get closer-up to see that pink.)

  2. it surprised me Kathy but the more looked the more I found.

  3. There's something so magical about that lens of yours. The shape/outline of it makes each photo look like its own little world.

  4. Thanks farmhousestories.

    My dad used it for looking at slides. I think he'd be pleased at this new use to which I've put it.

    I've seen lenses on-line that have built in lights ... hmmmm.


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