Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A rare find ...

In spite of it being monsoon season here in Nova Scotia, with its drenching incessant rain, I went for a walk today at Hartlen Point.

In preparation for my bog slog I togged myself out with my rain slicker, my trusty sou'wester hat and my new "wellie" boots.

Wearing my trusty sou' wester hat.

The rain wasn't all I had to deal with -- the path to the beach had turned into a stream.

Standing on the "path" checking for leaks in my new boots.

What's that I see ?   Look !  Look !  

Up ahead I spy a pair of rare, Nova Scotia Bog Dogs, grazing at the edge of the path.  

I approach quietly so as not to disturb them.  They seem unaware of my presence.

Suddenly one of them detects me, and bolts past me into the underbrush.

Amazed at my find, I followed their tracks to where they disappeared in the flooded cranberry bog.

Still it was an amazing sighting.  I had photographic evidence of not one, but two, Bog Dogs.

You can imagine my astonishment upon returning to my car, to find that the Bog Dogs had sought refuge in it ?

The smell of these soggy bog dwellers permeated the vehicle.  Though I tried to lure them out with handfuls of rotted swamp grass, they would have none of it, and curled up on the blankets in the back of the car.

Bog Dog anyone ?


  1. Oh boy, and here we are in the middle of a drought! By the way, I'll take one of those bog dogs. Thanks. x

  2. Take your pick Lynne.

    You're having a drought ? We've had three weeks of rain.

    See you in August.

  3. Bog dogs! :) By the way, I like your boots. Very stylish blue.

  4. Why thank you Kathy. I got them at Value Village (a used clothing store) for $12.95. The toes are pointy and no longer in fashion but they don't leak and they're blue and SHINEY.


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