Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is that scary, bright light in the sky ?

Spring  has been cool, damp and slow to arrive.  It's almost June and yesterday we had our first lovely warm, sunny day.

In an effort to wring every delightful moment out of this first taste of summer, I took Buffy for a stroll along McCormack's boardwalk around seven in the evening.

The one kilometer path is a popular spot.  Families, dog walkers, joggers, and couples walk the circuit.

Most people walk the circle anti-clockwise.  At this time in the evening, perhaps it's because less time would be spent walking facing the lowering sun.

There were lots of smiles, nods and "Hellos" and "Doesn't it smell lovely?".   It DID smell lovely.   The air was  fresh with the marvellous aroma of salt water.

For Buffy's part there was lots of bum sniffing, ground sniffing, water sniffing ...

The sun was slowly sinking on our second time around when we stepped off the boardwalk to the high-tide reduced beach.

 Fisherman's Cove on the right and McNabs' Island on the left, framed the distant skyline of downtown Halifax.

As the sun sets behind McNab's Island the reds turned to purple.

The city of Halifax in the distance seemed near and far at the same time.

Click to see MacDonald Bridge and downtown Halifax.

 I really should go walking at the boardwalk more often.


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening walk, Sybil. Sigh...so peaceful. I have heard that people walk anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise?) when they want to wind down, and clockwise when they're dreaming new plans. Don't know if it's true!

  2. Lovely shots Sybil, esp the one of Buffy in the water. Kathy - That is really interesting! I always do it counter-clockwise... apparently I have a lot of winding down to do. ~Remi

  3. Never heard that theory about the direction.

    Either direction, it's a lovely walk.

  4. How lovely! You and Amy Lynn took me there when it was covered in ice didn't you? I think I like it better now. Lovely shots Sybil. You're good! xx


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