Friday, June 3, 2011

Does this make my head look fat ?

What a magical time of year it is.  We have slid gently from the delightful, constant rainy, soggy season into the stimulating eat-you-alive black fly season.  

In an effort to combat the latter I have resorted to wearing some very fetching head gear when I travel into bug front lines.

 Not everyone can wear mosquito netting and still look this sexy tramping around in the muck looking for Spring Peepers.

Amy-Lynn and I went to a pretty spot near the Shearwater Flyer Trail which is a part of the Trans Canada Trail system.  

Amy-Lynn catches tadpoles.

It quite soggy there.  Prime bug breeding grounds.

Water pours into my boot print.
We explored the area.    I prattled on as we walked.  Amy-Lynn pointed out interesting plants.  

Wild Rhododendron
Suddenly we both came to a halt when I, displaying the advantages of posessing raging ADD, shouted "Venus Fly Trap!".  I'd spotted the small carnivorous plant on the ground at our feet.  It was a plant that I didn't think could possibly be there.

Click for a better view of the sticky droplets.
Turns out I was half right.   It wasn't a Venus Fly Trap, but it was a carnivorous plant. Thanks to Mr. Google I now know that sundew plants are common across Canada, which surprises me as I've never seen them before.   The leaves are covered in red hair-like tentacles each of which produces a clear, sweet, sticky droplet  which contains digestive enzymes.  When an insect lands on a sun dew, the tentacles contract, trapping it against the leaf.  The enzymes digest the unfortunate insect and the leaf absorbs the nutrients.  Yum. 


I want to go back again to see if we can find any salamander eggs or fry.  In the mean time we are happy with the results of our tadpole hunt.


  1. Such a fetching look for you! And you pull it off so well!
    If we weren't cousins, I'd swear I'd been cloned!!
    Does that even make sense?? I don't care!
    I too swathed myself in netting in Yellowknife too many years ago to count. One must do what one must do to preserve the important body fluid levels.

  2. Dear ITC. Thankfully the bodily fluids are intact. Love.

  3. Sybil....your outfit TOTALLY MATCHES MY IRIS+FERNS that I am about to paint. I should really just put you in the painting standing there coordinated!! Love your post and the photos too.

  4. Flora, your paintings are lovely. Don't mess with perfection. ;-)

  5. Sybil, I think net hats are the new black. So very much on trent. You look fabulous!! Why don't the fly eaten plant eat the black flies?? What am I letting myself in for here. Shall I be eaten alive in August? Can I come with you and AL next time you go for a nature walk? Pleeeese! It's hot and dry here in the UK. Garden's looking like a dried flower arrangement.....

  6. A few typos in my comment. On trent should read on TREND, and eaten should read EATING. Helps to know I'm not quite perfect though doesn't it xxxx

  7. Someone will undoubtedly sport a bug hat at the next royal wedding!

  8. Gosh MargaretJ (blushing), I'm a fashionista ?

  9. Lynne, the bugs will be fewer in August but no guarantees in the department. I'm afraid when in buggy areas I wear a repellant containing deet.
    Usually the breezes keep them away. August will be lovely here. Most of the snow will be gone by then ;-)


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