Saturday, June 25, 2011

Loopy for lupins ...

After a lovely, warm, sunny week, today sucked.  Sucked.  Sucked.  Sucked.  It was cold.  It was windy. It poured all day.

To distract myself from staring mournfully out the window, I decided to show you the lupins.

Lupins grow wild in Nova Scotia.  I recall crossing the border from New Brunswick into Nova Scotia two summers ago and being struck by the beauty of the roadside lupins.

Not far down the road from here, there is a spot that is just loaded with them.   Purple, white and pink -- the field is a marvellous sight.

Even those who pass this corner daily, slow down for a second look.

And who could blame them ?


  1. We have lupins, lupins, lupins growing everywhere, too! Sometimes walking along the road smells like perfume. I hope you have sunshin-y days soon.

  2. Kathy, Thanks, today has been so much nicer -- sunny and very warm with light breezes.


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