Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remi's guest dog blog post

Hello, my name is Remi.  I am a small, confident, stunningly handsome dude.

I came over for a visit to Buffy's house this evening while my mommies went out for a while.  

I love visiting my doggie friends.

Sooki gives me a kiss.
I live with a bunch of cats, so I like a chance to hang out with my own kind for a change.

I play with Buffy.

Well, they're sorta my kind.  They're a tad bigger 'n me but I can handle them.

Wendy nibbles me.

They even have bigger dog bones at their house.  I like chewing on dog bones but some dogs aren't good at sharing.

But I have found that holding their gaze and staring menacingly sometimes works.

Sooki leans away in the face of my unrelenting, terrifying gaze.

Victory is mine !

I hope I get to comeback again real soon.


  1. Hey Remi, How cute are you? I've got two cats you can come and play with. They won't like you, but you can have a great time tormenting them! Come on over!

    Lynne xx

  2. Smile...nice to meet you, Remi! You sure are cute.

  3. Lynne, I don't think Remi's cats play with him very much.

    Kathy, Remi is such a cute confident little guy.

  4. Lynne, I love kitties and would love to play with yours! I suck ears and give many kisses. Please let them know in advance so they will be prepared for my zealous affection.

    Thank you Kathy! Nice to meet you as well!
    I get my confidence from Trey and my Auntie Syb and my sex appeal from hanging with Sookie. She would make any boy blush....actually- so would Trey. I am always waiting for moms to drive me to your empire. Peace out, Remster

  5. Damn it Remi ! I told you to say you got your sex appeal from ME !


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