Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A wet, green Shubie walk ...

Wendy, Sooki and I went to the off-leash section of Shubie park today.  It started to rain not long after our arrival, but I was warm and dry in the rain jacket that Stacey brought me when she visited.

I'm still not over a bad case of green intoxication.  After a dull, cold brown winter and a very late, slow-to-warm-up spring, the greening world still dazzles me.

Each time I visit, the park is greener. 

 My eyes drink it in and I sniff the wet air that smells so wonderfully of green, growing things.

I don't even mind the occasional dash of pink.

A clump of Lady Slippers
But green is nice too.

Even in the rain.


  1. Lovely green pictures. A bit of rain now and then is what causes it. I can smell the air from here. Love the last shot. You're good! x

  2. Thanks Lynne. We have have waaay more than a "bit of rain". Deluge is more like it.

  3. Beautiful greens in your photos. Don't you feel like we live in a jungle at this time of year?

  4. You are so right Kathy. I love the tropical green intensity.


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