Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wanna see something really cool ?

Recently I stumbled across this mesmerizing piece of art at Toronto International (Pearson) Airport.

Many people walked by without giving it a second look ...

Those who did stop, were in no rush to move on.

It was a large installation, full of water and little floating boxes.

Occasionally jets of air would shoot up, creating currents that gently 
propelled the boxes in new directions.

They floated gently, reminding me of jelly fish drifting on ocean currents.

It was very restful to stare, eyes slightly unfocused, watching the floating boxes.

Sometimes it can be quite surprising the things you find at airports.


  1. hummm think I'd rather see real jelly fish. They look like sugar lumps in a cup of tea...

  2. I think airport art is fascinating, too. To witness different kinds of creativity. Fountains and sculptures and all sorts of interesting art! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. That looks so soothing and mesmerizing - I'd have to be dragged away. It's kind of like a giant snow globe. What is it about things moving in water? When I was little my mom used to let me stand on a chair and watch the clothes agitating in in the washing machine - cheap thrills!

  4. Oh Lynne, but those "sugar lumps" were drifting, drifting, ever so gently.

    Kathy, there are so many interesting displays that folk walk by without a second glance.

    ingebrita, I watched it for ages. I also enjoyed watching other people watching it. I used to enjoy clothes going round and round in those big commercial dryers !

  5. How truly sad that people are in such a mad rush they fail to notice how such a simple exhibit in the middle of a large building could provide just a modicum of refreshing relaxation from the tedium of travel. I'm with you. Could watch it and the people for hours.
    Still lovin' your blog, oh savvy twin!

  6. Dear ITC-1
    it helped that I was really early to the airport and had loads of time to kill. If I'd been running late I would probably have run right past it .... did you notice the cute little,police vehicle in the 2nd to last shot ?


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