Monday, August 29, 2011

Good night Irene ...

After all the build up, Irene proved to be a non-event here on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.  Oh we had some big wind gusts, but almost no rain. Watching this evening's news, I was shocked at the flooding and wind damage that occurred in other areas.  We really did get off easy.

Today I set off with Wendy and Buffy to admire the pounding post-storm surf.

And we weren't disappointed.

Wendy enjoys the surf while Buffy looks for a thrown rock.
As it was low tide the surf wasn't as high as I thought it would be.  But the air,  oh the air smelled so wonderful !  Fresh, and salty, and mildy fishy.  I inhaled deeply.  I love that scent !

After walking for a while we returned to the car to check out the beach at Cow Bay's, Silver Sands Beach where we found a single surfer.

Back into the car, and down the road we went.  I pulled into the small parking lot, beside a tiny ocean front church, and knew I'd hit the jackpot when I saw the CBC van, and lots of cars, parked in the area.

There -- in the distance, do you see them ?

I wish I had better photos to show you, but some moisture got in my camera, and all the shots I took at this location, have a fuzzy spot just right of the centre of the image. So, I'll apologize now, and with that explanation I'll share with you the best of a bad batch of pictures.


There were oodles of surfers.  I counted 25 at least.   The shoreline and the wind direction made this the place to be I was told. 

I sat for ages, marvelling at how much surfing time was spent just paddling along, waiting and waiting for the right wave. The other thing that was amazed me, was their skill in avoiding each other.  For each surfer riding a wave, there were three or four others paddling up that same wave in the opposite direction.  The rider had to make sudden, skillful turns and the occasional, very entertaining wipe-out to avoid collisions. Once I saw a paddler dive under a wave, to avoid being hit.

Who knew that Nova Scotia was such a surfing mecca ?


  1. Glad Irene did not pack too much of a punch in Nova Scotia and provided fun for the surfers. I've never really had the opportunity to watch surfers. Thanks for sharing through your eyes.

  2. Good thing Irene didn't leave any bad dreams. Sort of a non-event there, wouldn't you say?


  3. I am glad that Irene was kind to you. We have a lot of surfers here, but our waves are not always that great. This past weekend the East Coast Surfing Championship was held in Va. Beach. Irene was a minor interuption to the surfers, but she brought better than normal waves.

  4. The beach looks lovely. I love watching surfers. There are some wonderful beaches in Cornwall for surfer watching. As far as I'm concerned, Nova Scotia is the mecca for everything right now!! Especially beaches, I'm missing the sea air especially.....

  5. Kathy & ITC, there was quite the build up to Irene. Part of my concern is that we may not take it quite as seriously next time.

    Les, I don't think our waves are that huge either but they're big enough to draw a growing number of surfing enthusiasts. I've seen them surfing here in February ! Now that's keen !!!

    Lynne, oh the air smelled so lovely ...

  6. Happy to hear Irene was a non-event for you! The surfers do seem to be having a good time - was there any talk of rip currents? Beautiful pictures - I'm loving the glimpses you're sharing of Nova Scotia by the sea!

  7. Don't know about rip currents. These surfers seem to know the area well, so I hope that's not an issue.

    Thanks ingebrita for your kind comments. It makes me happy that you enjoy my pictures and stories.


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