Monday, August 29, 2011

A pre-storm walk in the Passage.

We're due for a spot of weather overnight.  Though hurricane Irene has been downgraded to a tropical storm, we have been warned that she will still be hitting us overnight with gale force winds and heavy rains.

Today, Trey, Buffy and I went for a pre-storm stroll down to McCormack's Boardwalk on the waterfront.  I wanted I'd take some "before" shots and at the same time show you around the neighbourhood.

It's a one kilometer walk to the boardwalk, through a residential area of mostly semi detatched and single family homes.

At Cow Bay Road, we turn right,

and proceed past "Matt's Bottle Exchange",  which is the local recycling depot.


Next, comes the gas station,

Regular gas is $1.26 a litre here.  What does it cost where you are ?

which is conveniently located across from our local mini mall and grocery store.

 The mall contains, my dentist office, a Subway sandwich shop, dollar store and a liquor store.
At Shore Road we turn left and continue on to the boardwalk.  Passing a perilously parked boat, I imagine that it wouldn't take much rain to remove the little gravel which is barely supporting that tire.  Given the forecast, I wonder if the boat will still be there tomorrow.

After passing by the end of "Fisherman's Cove" we arrive at the boardwalk.

Even though it's foggy and has been drizzling, a few other folk are walking the boardwalk loop when we arrive.

I figure that once around the one kilometer loop, is enough.

On the way home, I stop in at the local "Timmies" for a small coffee.  Yes !   Eastern Passage has its own Tim Hortons coffee shop.

Can you see the dogs waiting for me ?

 I wonder if the walk will look the same tomorrow ?

I hope so.


  1. Thanks for taking me on that walk again, and for stopping at Timmies. Did you get me some Timbits? Bet you didn't, as you just know I'm on a diet after all that Canadian food....Yowsa!!! xxxxxx

  2. What a beautiful boardwalk! You're lucky to have one within walking distance. Trey and Buffy look like they are a little disappointed that they didn't get to go inside for a treat. :) We had a Tim Hortons here for a little while but sadly it went out of business...

    Gas was about $3.99 a gallon last time we filled up. Not sure how that translates into liters.

  3. I love Eastern Passage. Porter has a 50% sale. Hmmmm....

  4. Lynne, we'll do this walk again. You and me, in the New Year.

    ingebrita, Tim Hortons hasn't done as well in the U.S. as it has in Canada. The irony is that it's considered to be Canada's coffee shop -- and it's owned by an American company -- Wendy's !

    The Boardwalk IS lovely and I do feel lucky to be here.


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