Thursday, August 4, 2011

Roswell goes out.

Roswell is an indoor cat.  Being bald, he gets chilly easily, so he doesn't go out much.  .  

Even on a lovely sunny day, his time outside is limited, as a sunburned cat is an awful thing to contemplate !

Once out, he makes the most of his time

Checking out the view from the deck.

Practicing his high-wire act.

 Visiting with friends.

And then he' asks to go back inside for a well-earned nap.

Life's tough when you're a cat.


  1. Such a darling! Who says aliens don't exist? I'm sure Roswell would disagree.

    "Door should open be. Outside hot it is".


  2. If door be open. Cat be gone for good. Bad that is.

  3. Dear Roswell, I think that was a very exciting experience for him. He needs another year to recover....

  4. Roswell's look compliments that of his canine friend! A Sphynx - cats look very different without any hair... Is there any shade out there for him to take a snooze in the fresh air? I bet he has quite a personality!

  5. Oh yes, ingebrita, there's shade. But he hangs out in the sun and that's the problem. He's a marmalade cat but without most of the hair. He has some hair on his face, ears and tail. Did you know that Sphynx cats were bred from a spontaneous mutation that produced two bald kittens by a street cat in Toronto in 1980!

  6. Roswell is one interesting looking cat! Gosh, it's amazing how many different kinds of critters there are. (Kind of like us many varieties!)

  7. Yep Kathy, quite the variety.


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