Saturday, September 24, 2011

A damp walk on the boardwalk

Wendy and I went for a walk around the boardwalk in today's incessant rain.

We weren't the only bedraggled critters out in the rain.

The caterpillars, which have been invading the boardwalk in great numbers, 
don't have warm homes like us, in which to seek shelter.

They go about their normal business, just in a slightly, damper state than usual.

 Resilient little critters.

To have a closer look, click on an image, and click again.


  1. Hi Sybil,
    I love the way the rain collects in drops over these little critters coats. Sorry to hear you're having rain over there. I'm in baking heat here in Vienna....Sorry!

  2. I thought they looked amazing. We only had rain for one day. It's lovely today.

  3. Amazing shots Aunt Syb! You and your camera do good work! :) ~Remi

  4. Poor little fellers.. I hope they stay warm.. (we are lucky to have warm houses and reliable food..).. beautiful photos, Sybs...

  5. It seems like flowers aren't the only subjects whose beauty is enhanced by water droplets. I wonder if the caterpillar feels weighed down by those drops.

  6. Those drops look huge between the caterpillar's hairs! I'm trying to imagine walking around with a drop that big, proportionally, on me... Bedraggled is one of my favorite words! :)

  7. Amy-Lynn and Barbara, I'm just noticing now that all the caterpillars are hanging upside down. Perhaps that's to make the drops slide off easier and to feel less weighed down ?

  8. The raindrops look like jewels hanging on the caterpillars. What thick luxurious coats they have. Perhaps rain doesn't even bother them at all. I am glad you decided to go for a walk, even though you might become bedraggled.


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