Thursday, September 1, 2011

A different shopping experience ...

Friends Amy and Mickie, took me to COSTCO yesterday,  (insert squeal with delight here).  In case you don't know, COSTCO is a "box store" to end all "box stores".

If you want it -- they'll probably have it.

Looking for a TV ?  

Looking for something soft and cozy to wrap yourself in, whilst reclining on the couch
watching mindless junk on that TV  you just bought ?

No home is complete without  a robotic vacuum.

How about a chair that bring out the inner stenographer in all of us ?

A bathtub ?   Really ?

Or you can get a ridiculously powerful mirror that makes your pores look
 like craters on the moon.

The variety is dazzling, groceries, clothes, medicine, electronics, toilets, linens, bedding, makeup, pet food, car tires -- heck there's even an optometrist on site who will sell you cheapo glasses.

But not everyone can shop at COSTCO.  You've got to be a member, and my wonderful friends surprised me, by buying me my very own membership.

All that remained was for me to get the mandatory mug shot,

and learn the secret handshake.


  1. Oh Wowsa Sybil! Are you seriously telling me that there's a Costco near to where I plan to end my days? That does it...I'll be straight over. Never mind selling the house and packing, I'm on my way!!

  2. I have mixed feelings about Costco. My wife loves it, but I don't want to go unless she writes and maintains the list. I don't mind pushing the cart, and I certainly enjoy the the free food samples pushed on us by women who are way past the retirement age.

  3. Lynne, great. I'll go meet you at the airport NOW !

    Les, Costco would be an awful place for impulse buyers. Best to leave the credit card at home. Gotta love the free food samples !

  4. Cuz;
    We have a Costco here too. I shop there, and I work for a food company! I don't like buying in that much quantity, but they offer so much more than a regular grocery/hardware/pharmacy/ whatever you need store. It's simple, but yes not good for impulse shoppers.


  5. Costco takes Cash or debit only - no credit cards... so easy to stick to the list and the budget that way, lol! I love it, but rarely is my list (and the budget!) large enough to take advantage of grocery shopping there. Nonetheless, I easily spend $100+ each time I go!

  6. Wow doglove, I wonder why they do that ? I'm not complaining but I thought they'd WANT folk toe impulse buyers. Do you get your dog food there ? The first ingredient in their lamb and rice dry dog food is ... LAMB !

  7. So did you buy anything?

  8. We visited one once with our family in Virginia. They got new cell phones and a new cell phone plan, we got three shirts for Tim. It's a huge place! Love all your pictures!

  9. Sandy, I was good and only bought a couple of grocery items I needed. Been back once since to buy groceries.

    ingebrita, it sure is big !


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