Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hang on ! Hang on !

I'd almost forgotten these images.   They were taken on the day that Lynne and I drove to Digby to look for whales.   Lynne was driving. and for once I was in the passenger seat. We were on the "circumferential" highway doing around 85 kph when I noticed a passenger on the outside of my window hanging on for dear life.

The wind was blowing his antennae backwards.   We were amazed that he was able to hang on at that speed.

Our admiration turned to awe, when he started for move himself forward, sideways along the window !

After watching his efforts for several minutes, we decided to pull over, and put him into some grass by the road.

What an amazing little guy !


  1. He was Jiminy Cricket. A fiesty little fellow. I hope he's enjoying his new life on the grass verge of the highway. He may have hopped on to someone elses's car by now, to get to where he was planning to go when he joined us. What a dear little chap!

  2. Amazing, indeed! I'm glad you helped him out!


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