Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pink on the line...

I noticed something lovely when I hung my pink sheets 
on the line yesterday.


Lovely shadows of my flowers.


  1. I love these! You have a great eye. ~Remi

  2. How utterly wonderful! Those sheets would sell for a mint in the uppity-up stores. The designs are great (if only fleeting)!
    BTW, which eye is the "great" eye?


  3. Sybil, I told you lines of washing were a thing of beauty! Look what you did! Very lovely I must say xxx

  4. Dear ITC - the "great eye" of which Remi speaks is whichever one is in focus at the moment.

    Thanks Lynne. However you'll rarely see my "smalls" as I hang 'em on an inside rack. Not because I'm prudish but because they're too much work to clip on !!!

  5. Oooo, gorgeous, Sybil. To notice these small things and to share the beauty of them with us. Thank you.

  6. Thanks Kathy. It's only because the sheets are cheap, and thin that the shadow appeared so nicely. The fact they are a garish pink is a bonus ! ;-)

  7. Very, very pretty. You know if I was there when you took the photos there would have been a hand shadow bunny among the blooms ;)

  8. How striking and lovely! One of those delightfully simple pleasures...

  9. Amy-Lynn, I'd love to re-take the shot with your shadow bunny.

    Barbara, it was such a surprise to see the lovely shadows. You're right. A simple pleasure !


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