Friday, September 16, 2011


Drove Kait to work in Halifax for 8 a.m., then took Buffy and Sooki to Point Pleasant Park for a walk.  The weather was pretty uncertain.  Windy, overcast, chilly and threatening rain.

Uncertain skies over the "Northwest Arm" at  PPP today.

Watched as a cruise ship was carefully guided into the harbour.

The winds were very strong.  One tug pushed from the rear, and a second from the far side, keeping the huge ship from being driven onto the shore of McNab's Island.  The small boat on the left, is the "Pilot" boat.  The pilot boat met this ship far out in the harbour, there the pilot transferred onto the incoming ship, to ensure its safe trip into the harbour.

We wandered into the park interior, where we found blackberries ripe for the picking.  Happily, my pockets always contain plastic "poop" bags, so I put one into service as a berry bag.  'course, many blackberries never made it into the bag.  :-)

I was glad, as time passed, to see that the weather was getting better.  Though it was still cool, the sun was coming out more often, and the winds were dying down.   After a couple of hours of walking, we drove uptown in the car.  Near the Citadel, I stumbled across a temporary refugee camp, set up by the folk from MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES (MSF) (known in English as Doctors Without Borders).

I stopped to see what it was about.  It was fascinating and deserves to be talked about in greater detail.

From there I trotted over to the CBC office, to pick up two free tickets for next Monday's taping of  "This Hour Has 22 Minutes".

After taking the dogs to where Kait works as a groomer, I headed to Saint Matthew's Church, for the first "Lunch Bunch" choir session since last June.  There, I was greeted once more, by the late Jack Layton's last message to us.

The choir is not a church choir, but a choir that happens to meet in a church.  We sing all sorts of marvellous songs.  Singing, brings me great joy, and I look forward to it, every week.

After choir, I visited a lovely used bookstore, and browsed my brains out, then had a coffee and a veggie samosa, while I read the paper.

Drove us all home, took Wendy for a run, had dinner, and worked on this Blog.

Today was a good day.

I feel so lucky.


  1. Seems like quite a busy day for a person who's *supposed* to be retired ;)

  2. It's giving whole new meaning to re-tired. Coz I was tired yesterday, and I'm tired again today.

  3. mmmmm The blackberries look very tasty.

    I'm having trouble signing in with my regular blogging name... tried this several times...

  4. Lovely post Sybil. You are lucky as you are so resourceful, and can create a great day from nothing! All you need is a dog or two, a pair of walking boots (not the ones with toes in!) and an imagination, then you're off!

  5. Yum - those blackberries look so good! I can't carry a tune, but a day filled with music, books and a nice walk sounds wonderful to me... You are lucky indeed!

  6. Sounds like you did have a lovely day. I agree with Lynne. It's wonderful when you can create a great day from the simple thins. I would like a taste of your blackberries. They look yummy.


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