Saturday, October 22, 2011

Darrell's visit - Part Deux

I'm still processing all the things Darrell and I did last week.

We crammed so much into a short period of time, I look at the images and wonder, "Was that taken in Digby or Liverpool?",  "Which beach is that?"  or "Where was that lovely historical house?".

However, there is no mixing up one scenic spot we visited -- Kejimkujik Seaside Park.  Within the park, there is a 2-3 km. hike on a fairly level, gravel trail to reach the sea shore.  Realizing we'd have to walk the same distance back, we hoped it would be worth the hike.  In places, we had to negotiate soggy sections, not always successfully.  And then there was this...

It's a BIG pile of scat, or poop as you may call it.  It's a bit messed up, as I'd poked at it with my hiking stick to see what it was made of.  As you can see, it's mostly berries.  A knowledgeable hiker informed us that it had been recently deposited there by a bear, and then cheerily added, "There's lots of them here.".

Darrell and I continued walking, only now our heads swiveled back and forth as we relentlessly scanned our surroundings for charging bears !

Now, added to our curiosity about whether the long walk would be worth it, was whether risking our lives was.

Click the image to get a better sense of the grandeur of this place.

The answer was a resounding  "Yes!".

Note the fearsome hiking stick which I'm sure would have kept us
both safe from marauding bears.  ;-)

The majestic beach stretched into the distance in a long, pale curve.  Due to strong winds, the surf was high, but the day sunny, and very warm for mid-October.

The aerial shot on the sign below, gives you an idea of the length of the beach.  There is a salt marsh, behind it, where endangered Piping Plovers nest from May to August.  Happily, since it was October, we were free to walk wherever we wished.

Using a spy glass set up just for that purpose, I was able to see five seals basking in the sun on an off-shore rock.  During less windy times, apparently they are often found on the beaches or on rocks closer to shore.

If you can't remember the name "Kejimkujik" (kej-i-mu-ku-jik), just call it "Keji" as many locals do.

Regardless of what you call it, just make sure to add it to your "must see" list, when you visit Nova Scotia.


  1. I AM SCARED OF BEARS!!!!! Are you sure it was bear poo?? I will need to get a bear eating doggie when I come to live in NS, I can see that.

    Lovely photos, and I want to come next time you do that walk please. I'll be sure to have bells on my ruck sac so you know what sort of bear did me in....haha!

  2. Lynne, I'm scared as heck of bears too. Black bears -- no Grizzlies in Nova Scotia.

    If you want a "bear eating doggie", you may have to think your Nova Scotia Duck Toller plans.

  3. I have had a black bear in my yard, in fact one day a young bear of good size walked right down our driveway as if he owned it. We always have them in the orchard. Great pictures of seaside park. I haven't been there, but would like to see it in person.

  4. Kewl! I love seals. Bears are ok. They are more scared of you than you of them.
    I LOVE duck tollers!!!!

  5. Very nice. Very nice. Not the bears. The new beach you've found. If possible, I'd love to join you and Lynne when trek out. Never mind the sticks to ward off bears. I'll bring a gun! (just kidding).

  6. I'm not even going to make a list, if I ever get out there I'm just going to hope like heck you'll show me around. :)

  7. Keji Seaside Adjunct is beautiful, isn't it! I see lots of scat like that in the woods surronding my property, and bear scat made up of our apples. Have not seen the bear yet though:)

  8. Cindy, I expect you to do just that. I would love to show you around.

    Grace, I'm wussy scared of bears, but I'll go back. Just maybe with a bigger stick next time. :-)

  9. Moms & I would love to join you Lynne and flandrumhill as well! Sometimes I carry a stick but I will bring my kitty Barlow to look after the bears. He's much more frightening and could do much more damage than a stick. ~Remi

  10. are brave!! I love that photo of Daryll on the rock...the colours look like it's a painting!
    Next time you're 'on the loop', stop by for a cup of time. We might have passed each other in Digby ha ha. I've been to Holdsworth house....amazing job they've done making it so authentic.
    And I say 'look out" too! Funny how the language changes.
    Great photos!

  11. Bear threat or not, it was worth it.

  12. Nah, just don't mind the bears. Besides, your hiking and suspense was rewarded by a nice view of the sea. I really like Keji now and I want to try hiking there.

  13. That last image is stunning! And you and Darell visited so many beautiful places, wonderful series of photos!

  14. Thanks for the invite Flora, I would love to take you up on it sometime.

    You're right Les. It was worth it and I'll be going back.

    Tristan, "don't mind the bears" ? I wish I wasn't as scared of them as I am.

    Truels, Thanks. We had a lovely time together. I'm already looking forward to visiting him in Ottawa in the new year.


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