Monday, October 3, 2011

Good dog.

Kait works as a groomer in Halifax.  

She grooms all sorts and sizes of dogs, from small,

to really big.

She often takes Buffy and Sooki to work with her.  They mingle, play and just generally hang out with the various dogs that come through the door.


A fluffy, little Bichon, gazing out at the street beside two pit bull terriers.

Certainly not something you would see in Ontario, where these dogs are treated as pariahs  



  1. Oh they look so cute going to work with their Mummy. Hope all is going well for Kait. She's obviously doing a good job.

  2. I LOVE Sookie in a Basket!
    Reminds me when Ian was little and did the same to my laundry basket!


  3. This looks like a happy place!

    A friend of mine has a pit bull mix and she couldn't be a nicer, more gentle dog. It's sad that some pit bulls are aggressive and have given the breed a bad name - some people are aggressive and dangerous, too and we don't treat all humans as pariahs because of that.

    But still, here in Connecticut a 20-month-old baby girl was just mauled to death by her aunt’s three pit bulls on Friday evening. (The aunt had put the baby down for a nap and stepped out to walk down the street to the store - stupid woman.) It has to be something about how the dogs are handled. And we tend to forget while being so horrified that other breeds have killed people as well. I think some people have no business being dog owners.

  4. Hi Barbara, You are so very right. Some people just should not own dogs.


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