Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random pics about town ...

The busy intersection at Quinpool and Robie.

A "ghost bike" -- a reminder that a cyclist died here.

My, that's quite the back fence !

Did someone dial  "911" ?


  1. I think I will copy and save picture #3. I will pull it out if I ever feel bad about where my house sits.

  2. Holy Wah! Just what kind of "structure", "business" is that???
    Nice to see that people are still out and about in the rain wearing shorts and no jackets. They are either overly warm or in denial regarding the coming winter. I know I am!


  3. Les, did you notice that those were new houses ? Those houses were built just next to that massive edifice. I think it stores grain that is shipped out from the nearby cargo port.

    ITC-1 Those people, out and about in the rain, were "Walking for the Cure" for breast cancer, a week ago, when it was much milder.

  4. In that last photo, perhaps someone mentioned the word "Doughnut" in the communique!


  5. Halifax here I come!

  6. Doughnuts ... yummmmm

    Lynne -- 'bout time !


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