Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hemlock Ravine Park

Monday was Wendy's turn to have some one-on-one time with me.

Kait was working at the groomers on the Bedford Basin.  The "basin" is our natural ice-free harbour, lying north of both Halifax bridges.  After dropping Kait off at work, I took Wendy to explore nearby, Hemlock Ravine Park.

Though it was an overcast day, it was very mild for mid-November.  I unzipped both my sweat top and my jacket, letting them flap open as I walked along.

The park is very lush.  Moss and ferns, still glow green on steep and sometimes rocky hillsides.

In the on-leash sections,  I drilled Wendy on her "heeling".   I reminded her that I wanted her to walk behind me, as that way she'd know when I was stopping to take pictures.

Having your dog walk behind you, shows the dog that you are in charge and she can trust you to keep her safe, thus lessening anxiety or aggression toward other people or pets.

Governor's Trail loop is the only off-leash trail, and there, Wendy gaily loped ahead of me -- but never too far ahead.  She's a good "steady" dog, and very eager to please.

 Sometimes when I'm heading down a slippery slope I worry about my footing.  I call Wendy to me and she lets me hold her collar to steady myself.  She then will hold still until I tell her to take a step, then another, then another, until I'm safely on not-so-slippery ground.

It was a lovely, peaceful walk.

I breathe deeply as I walk, enjoying the scent of the newly fallen leaves, which carpet the forest floor.

I stop often, to look at lichens, fungii and whatever other small wonders of nature, catch my eye.

There is a peaceful magic in the woods.

And for a very brief time, all is right with the world.


  1. OMGoodness that last photo of the leaf in the water is extraordinary.. I can't believe you don't take your photos with a +++$ camera. Thanks for the lovely, peaceful moment :)
    xo j.

  2. Thank Julie. does it spoil things if I tell you I took ten photos of leaves in water?

    I wish I had a decent camera. I'd love to play with focal length and shutter speed. One day. One day ...

  3. I'm with J... that last photo is spectacular! Whatever type of camera you hold, you are the one with the eye and the talent. ~Remi

  4. Such beautiful autumn shots, Sybil. What a lovely day! I am already missing fall feels like winter is settling in here.

  5. Thanks Remi. You are a very nice to say so.

    Kathy, I think it's very briefness is one of the reasons we love the fall. It's both lovely and fleeting.

  6. Well done Alpha dog. That Wendy is such a sweetie. Hope I get a dog as good as she is! Thanks for taking me on this walk. Bedford is an area I want to live, having grown up there. Nice one!

  7. Love your photos. Love the picture of your dog - she sounds so sweet. And love your descriptions of the woods...

  8. Lynne, I will love visiting you OFTEN in Bedford and you can visit me in the Passage, and sometimes we can meet halfway for a walk in Point Pleasant Park. Sounds like a plan to me !

  9. dearrosie, Wendy is a good girl. A it of a suck up, and slightly "needy" but a good girl nonetheless.


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