Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm not ready for snow ! (A whiny, stream-of-consciousness post.)

It snowed last week.  Tuesday, I think it was.  Wet, thick, sticky, heavy snow.  

It stuck to the power lines, the trees, the satellite dish (rats! *), the car....

Wendy, Buffy and I, slogged up the road, to check out the  park at the end of the street.  The dogs walked in the less-snowy track left by a truck, that had recently slewed its way up the street.

The park did look very pretty.

As it was late in the day, around 4:30, the light was fading.  Arrrgggghhhhh.  I hate that !   4:30 and getting dark.  Pulllleeeeeze.   I can deal with the cold, but does the sun have to set so blankity-blank early ?   Rhetorical question folks.  Anyhoo, my camera flashed as I took pictures, and I rather fancied the effect.  Yeah, it was dark enough for the camera to freakin' flash.  

Clearly I have some winter-darkness issues I need to work through.

Get a grip on yourself Sybil.  It wasn't that bad.   The temperature was just on freezing, or perhaps a degree above.  Hence the stickiness of the snow.

My garden arbour looked pretty.

My car didn't.

Kait and I decided not to shovel our driveway.  The forecast called for it to turn to rain overnight.

"It'll all be gone in the morning", I said.

It wasn't.

It was three days before the damn stuff melted away.

I'm just not ready for winter ... yet.

* Satellite dish covered in snow = no TV tonight.


  1. This time last year we had a truckload of snow but now there's only rain. I'm not sure yet what I like the best. Nice photos!

  2. I hear you Sybil! (the storm was Wednesday). I could deal with more of yesterday's temps for some time yet!

    I shoveled that night, but it didn't make a difference once the dumping of cement happened while we slept. I left that for my dad to plow (it was Friday before he got to it).

  3. I am sorry you where hit by heavy snow fall. But it's good you got out and got some nice shots. I think it's fun the way the flash captured the snowflakes. My favourite is probably the fifth from the top. (As for myself I actually do look forward to getting some snow - but no luck so far).

  4. oh you poor poor baby!
    Suck it up, princess. You know what happens in winter!
    Just so you know, it was in the +º here all last week and +9 yesterday. Most snow is gone, but alas, we now have ICE!

    aka sybil3

  5. Oh - I'm not ready for snow yet (if ever...) - last year at this time we had LOTS of snow too, it lasted for 4 months :-( - we are lucky now: no snow until now....

  6. Mats, thanks for your kind comments. I like the snow for a day or so and then, I'm quite happy if it turns to rain.

    Doglove, Was there snow left for your dad to plow on Friday ?

    Munchow, I was quite surprised by the result of pointing the camera at the sky and just snapping off a few shots.

    truels, I'm really surprised that your snow stuck around that long. Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Dearest ITC, aka my cousin, Carol, I do not know what happens in winter here in Nova Scotia. Sure in Saskatchewan, winter is one frigid snow-covered day after another for four freakin' months ! Here it's snow, mild, cold, foggy, snow, rain, misty and still more fog. You get the cold sunshine. We get the overcast, dampness.

    At least we don't have to shovel the rain.

  8. We only had our second light frost this morning, nothing compared to you, but I am not ready yet either.

  9. Les, can't say as I'm ever ready. ;-)


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