Sunday, November 13, 2011

Out and about in Halifax.

Oh my, today was a lovely day.  Even nicer, considering it's mid-November.

I have a  book about historical buildings in Halifax as of Centennial year -- 1967.  By the time of its reprinting in 1971, four of those buildings no longer existed.  

After driving Kait to work at the groomers, Trey and I set off to explore downtown Halifax, and maybe find some of those buildings.

This marvellous-looking home, across the street from the Public Gardens  and the Citadel,,
 wasn't in the darn book !  
Sure looks mega-historical to me !

Located in Royal Artillery Park, the residence of the General Officer Commanding ( below), was constructed in 1805.

The building had undergone many changes since it's 1967 photo.


Trey and I spent three, carefree hours roaming the city streets in the autumn sun.

We ended up on Spring Garden Road, which is always a bustling, downtown street, but was even more so today.  Trey was very good on-leash, and walked close to my side as we wove our way through the crowds.

Trey was more problematic, when we cut across the grassy slopes around Citadel hill. He seemed to think that because we were in an open, field-like area, that he should be let off his leash for a run.  After I explained to him that he'd jumped to the wrong conclusion, he agreed to walk nicely beside me.

He's a good dog, and we had a lovely time together.

Can't wait to do it again.


  1. Looks like it was a perfect day for a long walk! That sure is an interesting house.

  2. It sure is. Not sure why it's not in the heritage houses book.

  3. That single tree fascinates me. Along with the shadows. Along with the fact that it's still nice weather in November. It's been here, too. Is that unusual in Nova Scotia so late?

  4. Oh Sybil, this makes me home sick. I had so many lovely walks in and around Halifax in the summer. Really looking forward to coming back. A lot has to happen before then. Keep these posts coming to keep me motivated!

  5. What a gorgeous day. And you got back with some lovely pictures of autumn and tranquillity. I am shameful to admit it, but I have only been to the airport of Halifax, and it looks like I should regret that. My favourite pictures are the three last ones, the two tree picture and the shadow picture. The two first are simply very beautiful and the last one very enjoyable. You have a good eye.

  6. Kathy, It's unusually mild. I think normally the high would be around 6 C (high 40's ?)

    That said we've had a couple of mild falls lately. They have colder temperatures and more snow, inland in Nova Scotia. Living on the coast we are a bit more temperate. We trade the snow for rain. Lots of rain. And fog. Yep lots of fog too.

    Lynne, you better stay motivated !

  7. Munchow, After seeing the images on your site, I am doubly flattered by your kind comments.

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely... this post has made my day. I can close my eyes and be right there with you, madame :) (The house my Nova Scotia apartment was in on South Park Street was built by the only Canadian to perish on Titanic - last name Wright.. so much history all around! :) xo j.

  9. Julie,

    We're apparently in for a mild fall, so there will be an inordinate number of, "oooh isn't it a lovely day in Nova Scotia?" posts. ;-)

    I'm working on one about my visit yesterday with Wendy to Hemlock Ravine Park up on the Bedford Basin.

    You know you're always welcome to come visit any time.

  10. How many dogs do you have? Love the shadow photo.

  11. dearrosie, Technically, I have two dogs but my daughter lives with me and she has two dogs. I know, I know, I'm nuts ! But they keep me busy and life is rarely dull.


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