Saturday, December 3, 2011

Back to Admiral Cove.

Though today was much colder, I took Wendy to continue my explorations of Admiral Cove Park.

I had read somewhere about carvings on rocks along the shore of Bedford Basin, that could only be accessed via the park.

As yesterday's post explained, it's a lovely, heavily-forested, park, sadly lacking clearly-marked trails.

The paths Wendy and I did follow, meandered all over the place.  I suspect they were created by deer, whose goal was not to provide me with a direct route to the shore.  But they did take  me through some lovely scenery.

Eventually in frustration, I left the path and scrambled through a boggy area, and found my way to the shore.

There, I was presented a view looking down the basin toward the City of Halifax.

On the beach, I came across a gentleman who was collecting sea glass and evergreen branches to decorate a holiday wreath he was making.   He said I was the first person he'd met on the beach in five years of hiking there.  I asked him if he'd seen carvings on rocks.

He had.

He led the way down the beach, to where some of the rock etchings were.  Better still, he showed me a more direct path to the shore and then told me about another way to access the park.

After we said our "Good bye's", I sought out that second park entrance and Wendy and I continued our explorations.

The sign at the top of today's post,  is from the second park entrance.  That entrance led to a lovely cliffs. With impressive views and perilous drops.

There is one very small problem with this lovely piece of paradise.

To learn what it is, click on the park sign and read the notice on the lower right.

Go ahead.  Go look at it now.

I'll wait.

The good news is there there were NO ticks on the dog.

The bad news ?

There were four on ME !


  1. It's strange that there would be ticks at this time of year, isn't it? Our tick season is in the early summer, and then they are mostly not around. I am wondering what a wreath made with beach glass might look like.

  2. Good thing it was smoke-free too.

  3. We have those ticks in nice places like this too :-( - But it looks like it is a wonderful area to visit anyway!

  4. Kathy, needless to say I was surprised too about the ticks. As for the wreath, he was collecting branches and sea glass. I'm not sure what he was going to do. I'm a bit intrigued though.

    Oh Les, I love that "smoke free" sign too !

    Truels, do some of your ticks carry Lyme disease too ? Nasty little things. But the place is so pretty. I'll be back.

  5. I've been lead astray following deer paths, too! The view toward Halifax is lovely. How fortunate to find someone who culd show you where the rock carvings were.

    We're well acquainted with ticks and Lyme disease in these parts. (Lyme is about 20 miles from us.) My daughter-in-law had Lyme carditis several years ago and my brother-in-law and my husband's aunt have chronic Lyme disease. It's nothing to fool around with so I'm relieved you found those four ticks!

  6. Some lovely shots in this post Sybil! Where's all the snow though??

  7. Looks like a lovely spot but eeeooowww I don't like the idea of the ticks...

    The carvings look like graffiti to me. What do they say?

  8. Imagine ticks at this time of year!!!! I was wondering if the warm weather would resurrect them.
    Personally, those 'sheer drop cliffs' would be even more intimidating to me!!!
    You are so adventurous!! The scenery looks wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. No snow yet Lynne.

    Dearrosie, it is graffiti. Just really old graffiti.

    Flora, neer fear, the cliffs are lovely ...


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