Thursday, December 29, 2011

A bad case of "bed head"

Trey is a handsome lad.  

Whether he's waiting for me to throw the ball, 

having a nap,

or working out on the treadmill.

 He's a handsome dude.

He is a handsome dude with an awful secret.

He occasionally gets a doggy version of "bed head".  In his case we call it, "chair hair" !

Please don't tell him I showed you.  He'd be most upset.


  1. Poor Trey, exposed like that. Rumour has it that he's going to post about his Mom who randomly shaves her head at his doggy blog ( ;) ;)
    Happy New Year :)
    xo j.

  2. Oh too cute! I don't get by as much as I like but I do want to wish you continued joy, inspiration and good humour for 2012.


  3. Love the photos. How did you get him onto the treadmill?

  4. Dear Julie, Trey hasn't seen the blog -- yet.

    Cindy, thanks. Happy 2012.

    DearRosie, thanks. We taught them to use the treadmill with bribes. So we say "treadmill" and they jump on ! The problem is they sometimes jostle to see who gets to use it.

  5. Happy 2012 to you Sybil. And thanks for your many visits in 2011.

  6. **grin** You let out his secret! (Maybe he was sleeping when you told.)

  7. Trey is very handsome and healthy-looking even with chair hair! :) I used to enjoy watching *The Dog Whisperer* on cable TV before we dropped back to basic service - that's the first place I saw dogs walking on treadmills. It's such an inspired idea!

  8. Trey looks very much like Miss Sadie, except that she is, how shall I put this, a much fuller-figured terrier. She suggests that if she got to go for all the walks she'd like, she, too, would be svelte. She adds that I might be somewhat less full-figured myself. The Cowboy, wisely, is being uncharacteristically silent.

    Happy New Year from our furry household to yours.

  9. Love that dog! VICKY xxx

  10. Barbara, we did get the idea for the treadmill from Cesar Milan. If the weather is lousy, these dogs still need to be exercised. The treadmill is a life saver.

    The Cowboy is a wise dog Gerry.

    Trey is easy to love Lynne.


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