Sunday, December 18, 2011

A door into summer.

Hey Julie, let's you and me go for a walk.  Hope you don't mind,  I've invited my other readers along, as well as your sister and mom.

I thought that since you're not feeling up-to-snuff at the moment, and I have a stinking cold, we'd go for a walk into summer.

I just can't be doing with the winter coat, lined boots, hats, mitts and scarves and today's -5C temperature.

Let's just step out the door into summer.  No boots, no coat, maybe a hat to ward off the mid-day sun.

Do you mind if we set off a bit early, while the dew is still hanging on the spider webs ?

Then we'll head to the park.

A warm summer breeze, ruffles the flower's petals. Their lush scents fills the air.  Careful !  Don't stick your nose in THAT one.

Some rambling paths take us through fog-shrouded, rich, green trees, and past marvellous mounds of rhododendron.

Some of the places we go are tidy, with manicured paths.

Others are wild, with unexpected surprises.

Let's walk for a bit by the old canal.

Are you tired ?   We can sit for a bit with Buffy, and look down at the farms and the distant bay.  See how her nose twitches with all the different scents the gentle breeze brings.

Since it's gotten quite warm, I thought we should finish up by having a walk on the beach.

Feel free to take your shoes off.

Let's do this again, real soon.


  1. Sybs, thank you a million times for this.. one of the most beautiful walks ive been on.. i was right there with you and buffy.. thank you for being such a wonderful friend.. xo. j.

  2. Thanks Sybil ... no doubt I will return here many times over the next few months!! What a treat.

  3. Thanks for letting us follow you on this relaxed walk. I love seeing new places.
    -A little long, wasn't it? Never mind, as long as the weather was so good.

  4. Oh yes, that was fab! Wowsa Sybil. When are we all going again?

  5. Awww c'mon Carsten. It was a gentle walk and the weather was lovely. Maybe next time we'll stop somewhere for cool drinks and have a longer sitdown. OK ?

    Lynne, when ? when you get here you silly goose !!!

    Betty, Would love to take you around for real. The guest room awaits.

    Julie, you make it very easy to be your friend. Let's do this again ...

  6. Whoa, now that was fun. Thanks for sharing some beautiful views--and I am not one to stop and enjoy a rest, but your spot was worth it.

  7. It's kind of startling getting a glimpse back into the brightness of summer! Almost like a visit to another planet... Thanks for the dollop of sunshine and change of pace on this oh so gray day!

  8. Thanks for walking with us Slamdunk.

    Barbara, just a few months ago and it seems so far away.

  9. Syb, your photos are always so incredible. Thanks for all your time and patience with photos. They are worth it!

  10. Thanks Sandy. Hope you enjoyed walking with us.

  11. Ooh really lovely Sybil. I like your photos - my favorite is the one of your dog looking down at the view, and the deer.

  12. dearrosie, the deer was a lovely surprise. Luckily, my dog on-leash beside me, couldn't see it. That deer was very tame.

  13. I love the spider web and the bee! So nice to see these images when we are into the below 0 temps. That's such a beautiful photo of the farmland.

  14. Cait, the farmland can be seen from a famous look-off at Cape Blomidon. A must-see on a visit to Nova Scotia.


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