Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flotsam, jetsam, and lobster traps

Friend Mickie's birthday is coming up, so I went looking for just the right gift.

(Mickie, if you're reading this, you should probably stop reading now.)


Has she gone ?

As I said, I went looking for just the right gift, which, traditionally in our circle, is a rock. Not just any rock, a really pretty rock.   So back to Hartlen Point I went.  There are plenty of pretty rocks at Hartlen Point.

Trouble was I didn't find Mickie's rock, I got distracted by other things.  Like ...

 lobster traps complete with concrete weights pushed far up the beach,

or buried under tons of rock,

puzzling pieces of rusted machinery,

dogs with balls,

levitating ships,

an out-of-reach ball and a hidden geo cache, (see it in the tree).

In the end, I didn't find a nice rock for Mickie's Birthday.

Guess I'm going to have to go back to Harlen Point again.

Oh darn !  

That's sarcasm.


  1. Plenty of time to find mine. You've got until July,
    Vicky xx

  2. Lynne,

    July ! I can't wait that long.

  3. Rocks make the bestest of gifts, don't they? Did you remember that Barry and I dressed up at "Flotsam and Jetsam" one year for Halloween? We could have used some of your debris for our costume!

  4. Kathy, oh you and Barry sound like a hoot in your costumes. Is there a photo on your Blog ?

    I love sauntering along the beach, looking for rocks.


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