Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Return to Hartlen Point

One of my favourite local places to go walking, is Hartlen Point.  A large unused, Department of National Defence property, it offers lovely cliff-top views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Don't let those "No Trespassing" signs put you off.  They certainly don't stop all the other folk for whom Hartlen Point is a regular destination.

On a recent walk there, when not hurling the ball for Trey to fetch, I roved the rocky beach, looking for odd bits of flotsam                           

"Throw it.   Throw it, you silly human !"

I found all sorts of neat things, oddly shaped pieces of metal, that nicely framed the view,

welded pieces of wire that looked like the outline of a house,

and this serpentine piece of metal and its snaky shadow.

It was a lovely day, but very cold.  I had to take my warm mitts off, to use my camera.

Now, if I could just remember where I put them.

Can you see them ?

There are so many interesting things to see.

Let's go walking here again soon.



  1. Interesting place for sure. I love "I'm sleepy..." too

  2. Sybil dear, Your posts just get better and better. What gorgeous shots! Wish I'd been there.

    Vicky xxxxx

  3. Lovely shots! And Trey is such a handsome dude!


  4. Trey IS a handsome dude.

    Thanks Lynne. I'm enjoying blogging so much.

    Lifenormal, It's a wonderful place.

  5. What intereting things you are finding. AND ALL THAT RUSTED METAL!!!! You could be doing rust dyeing galore! Just wrap cotton or linen cloth around the rust, spritz with vinegar, cover with plastic and leave it for a couple of days.

  6. Nice frame! (I mean really nice view through nice frame.) I do not like No Trespassing signs. I think we should trespass on the world--with great respect, of course.

  7. Ahh floramary, you are more ambitious than I ...

    Kathy, EVERYONE ignores the signs at Hartlen Point. If you ever visit Nova Scotia, I'd love to take you there for a walk.

  8. I just discovered your blog on the EasternPassage.ca website. Love your photos of Hartlen Point. I've wanted to visit it for a while, but have hesitated because of the "No Trespassing" signs. I've heard there are some great trails and sights along there.

    Where's the best place to start? :)


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