Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some day my (Nigerian) prince will come ...

I have an odd sense of humour, so it should be no surprise to you, that I was actually delighted when I recently received an email from  Dr. Harry O. Clark, UN secretary.  He was writing to inform me that the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs  wants to give me  $315,810.00 US  !
Holy cats !  How lucky can a girl get ?

"Good Day,

I am directed to inform you that your payment verification and confirmations are correct, therefore  we are happy to inform you that arrangements have been concluded to effect your payment as soon as possible. Due to your long  over-due  payment which you have been finding it difficult to receive via a Certified  Bank Draft issued by the UN Promo, we have arranged your payment through  Oceanic  Bank ATM Card Payment Center, this is an instruction passed by the United  Nations in respect to all over delayed payment and debt re-scheduling.

 Our affiliated Bank will send you an International Swift ATM Card that  has been approved in your favor with valued sum of $315,810.00 USD  (Three Hundred and Fifteen Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ten USD Only),  which you are to use in accessing your fund in any ATM Stand/location  worldwide  and remember that the maximum withdrawal daily limit is Five Thousand United  States Dollars (US$5,000.00).We have concluded arrangement with our  affiliated Bank"

Delighted by this unexpected windfall, I eagerly sent them the information they requested: 

1.Full Names.   2.Phone Number.   3.Valid Delivery Address.     4.Other Email.   5.Occupation.   6.Country.   7.Sex.   8.Age.

The next note was from the Oceanic Bank of Nigeria (Nigeria of all places !)  regarding the arrangements for the transfer of my funds.



Mailing $100. 00 00 + Tax $ 70. 00 00 + Doc Proccessing fee $ 100.00 00

TOTAL $270. 00 00
Mailing  $100.  00 00 +Tax  $ 70. 00 00 + Doc Proccessing fee  $ 20. 00 00
TOTAL  $ 190.00 00
All they wanted was my banking information. 


I was wondering how long it would take them to ask me for that.

I kept the conversation going with them as long as I could.  Scammers take up so much of our time, I derive great joy from returning the favour.  I sent them several emails asking silly questions about "my" money.  In my last email to them, I advised them that that I was going to my bank in the morning to arrange for the money to be immediately transferred to them. 

Sadly, I haven't heard from them since.  I hope it wasn't something I said.

But wait !  Oh joy ! Oh bliss !  Look what arrived in my in-box today.

Dear Friend,
My name is Mr Ibrahim Toure, i am the manager Audit and Account department of Bank (BOA) in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Please i kindly request your hand for assistance, i have a business proposal in the tune of ($13.600.000.00 (Thirteen Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollar only) to transfer into your bank account.
After the successful transfer we shall share the fund in ratio of 40% for you and 60% for me, sincerely if you are interested we can commence all arrangements for investment purpose, and i will give you more information on how we will handle this project.
Please treat this business contact with utmost Confidentiality and send me the following information's below for easy communication to enable us commence immediately:
(1) Full names......................................
(2) Private phone number....................
(3) Current residential address.............
(4) Country…………………………
(5) Occupation.................... ................
(6) Age and Sex...................................
Please reply to this private e-mail address:

I  responded ...

Dear Mr. Toure,  What a kind offer.  Sadly, I must turn you down as I am about to receive a large sum of money from the Humanitarian Division of the United Nations and I don't want to be greedy.

Don't worry, all the information I shared was fictitious.


  1. Only $5000 a day? That is so limiting, I'd have to just say no thank you.

  2. You do have a wonderful sense of humour. Good for you for stringing them along. I always hit delete so fast it would make your head spin.

  3. Ahh Les, a man after my own heart. I was most put off by that $5,000 limit.

    Cindy, my spam filter actually puts them in my junk folder but sometimes I go find them, just to have some malicious fun.

  4. Ha ha! Can't wait to get over there for a share of the dosh!!

  5. sybs; I'm with Cindy! As soon as I see "All you need to do...." I hit the delete so fast the keyboard catches fire!


  6. Dear Lynne, I had to go to an English to Canadian translating site to find out that "dosh" means "money" ... Oh you funny, funny people.

    ITC-1, depends how bored I'm feeling. They rarely end up in my in-box. I have to go haul them out of "junk" if I want to have some fun.

  7. OK, Sybil, I like you. Really I do. You have the most magnificent cents of humor! tee hee...

  8. I fear that those emails are fraud. do not provide your bank information and Details.

  9. Thanks Kathy. I like you too.

    Ace, it's OK. I gave them fake info.

  10. I've won millions in the Irish Sweepstakes -- twice in the last four years -- without ever buying a ticket.

    Great post, Sybil. Keep having fun with them (but please be careful, too).

  11. hey that's very funny. I've always wondered what would happen if one continued the conversation.

  12. Congratulations Charles ! Can I borrow a million or so ?

    dearrosie, oh it's great sport when you're bored.


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