Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two possible titles for this post ...

Your choices are:  "Holy Crap!"  and "Be careful out there".

I went shopping today on nice clear, snow-free roads.

When I came out with my shopping cart full of groceries, the world had changed vastly.

And boy was it nasty, greasy driving !

Better to go home and just stay inside.


  1. Yowsa Sybil! Is that what I'm coming to live with? Bring it on! Is that Butters fast asleep on your letters? He came in the housefor the winter I guess?

    Vicky xx

  2. See!! I told you; no good weather goes unpunished. Take a tip from Butters and curl up on a nice warm letter. Or at least in bed with a nice warm toddy!


  3. Love your pictures! Snow is wonderful if we don't have to drive in it when it arrives. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound and can stay tucked in at home for a while!

  4. I think your cat has the right idea!

  5. Butters doesn't even go out some days, Lynne. He is re-thinking the outdoor cat gig. Don't fret. The snow is mostly gone today.

    ITC - He does know how to relax, doesn't he ?

    Barbara, thanks. I stayed tucked inside till this morning. Today it all had melted off the roads.

    Sara, Butters a very wise cat.

  6. Your kitty definitely has the right idea - he isn't named "Butters" after South Park is he? ;-)

  7. He sure is karmardav. My daughter is a huge South Park fan. Trey, my pitbull cross, is named after Trey Parker.

  8. Complements on your photography. You captured the snowstorm with just 2 photos. I keep going back to look at the huge flakes of snow. Brilliant.

  9. dearrosie, I discovered that just pointing a camera at the sky and using a flash, gets cool results.

    Thanks so much for the complement.


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