Sunday, January 29, 2012

Very loud and incredibly close ... and lots of fun.

I think I'm aging in reverse.

I wasn't your typical teenager.  Didn't stay out late, rarely dated and didn't listen to loud music.  Nor was I adventurous in nature.  Now, here I am  in my 60's, with friends almost half my age, who share with me a world I timidly avoided first time 'round.  

Friend Mickie, and her band.  "Fever Pitch", were singing today, at a bar in Timberlea with several other bands.  Did I want to go with her and her partner Amy ?   DID I ???   Heck yeah.

We got there at 3 pm. Not being sure when her band was on deck, we went early.  We could hear the pounding music before we got through the doors. The place was packed.   Amazingly, Mickie found a table for us a right up front.

 Yes, UP FRONT.   
It WAS loud, but the bands were good and everyone was having fun.  Conversation, was impossible.  I tried  to ask Amy a question about Mickie's band, but her lip-reading skills were lacking.  Finally she handed me her phone, so I could type out my question.  Sadly my typing skills were lacking.

How many in Mickie's band ?

Surprisingly, most of the bands, and the audience members for that matter, were made up of "baby boomers".  I even had to explain a dated reference to "K-Tel" records, to a baffled Amy.

One band was reuniting, after 42 years !   Their hey-day had been back in 1970.  That was approximately when I should have been seeing them the first time 'round.

It was almost 7 o'clock by the time Mickie and her band took to the stage.  

Mickie totally rocks.  She's an amazing singer, and the crowd was up and dancing and rocking with her.

She says if I'm real good, I can be her "roadie" ...


  1. Thanks for stopping by Scott.

  2. Finally doing what you shoulda done back in "the day"!
    And texting in a loud and dark place is not a good idea. nsnf does not equal "band" in any language I know, not that I know that many!


  3. Great post. Hangin' with the younger folks is great. The Youth Group at my church made me an honorary youth. I actually felt younger, for a while. Enjoy.

  4. There is a time for everything. Now it's our time for parties and good music. - - Again :-)

  5. This sounds like SUCH fun! ( A little loud though, lol) Good thing for that texting!

  6. Sounds like you are livin' life to the fullest out there. Ah, K-Tel records...I remember them well!

  7. You old rocker you! Looks like fun to me! Vicky xx

  8. Alas, I couldn't do loud then and I can't do it now. Sometimes I go along for the ride wearing industrial strength ear protectors. Makes me look like a visitor from Mars - or Michael Dukakis in a tank.


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