Saturday, February 25, 2012

More fun with Sandy and Sybil.

How much fun can two girls have in February in Nova Scotia ?

Lots, actually.

Come along and I'll show you more of what we got up to.

We TRIED to play double solitaire but the cats had other plans.

After visiting the abandoned hotel, we came across the Grey Gull.   I know it doesn't look like much, but to a fan of the TV show "Haven",  it's pretty darn cool.  Haven which is based on a story by Stephen King, takes place in the town of Haven, Maine.  In reality, it's filmed in Nova Scotia around Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Hubbards and Chester.

The Grey Gull features prominently in the series, as a restaurant/bar owned by one of the main characters.  While the show is on hiatus, the building is boarded up.

But when filming resumes next month, the Grey Gull will return to its TV glory.

One of the most famous places in Nova Scotia is Peggy's Cove.  Heck, I've been there four times since I moved here, as most of my guests want to visit it.  It's just a pity that visitors don't stop to experience one of the many trails, just a down the road.

Amy and Mickie had walked the Polly's Cove trail and told me that I MUST see it.  Sandy's visit provided just the opportunity.   I had heard that there were ruins along the cove path.  Not exotic long-ago ruins, but the foundation of an unfinished home.  An abandoned dream.

The scenery was staggeringly beautiful.  How can something be so bleak, and so beautiful, at the same time ?

The rocky terrain is covered with glacial eratics -- massive boulders left behind by retreating glaciers.

"Let's just walk up to those rocks there", we'd say.  We'd get there, only to see some other wonderful rocks, "just over there" ...

We had a wonderful time, walking, drinking in the scenery, and sharing each other's company.

YMCA ...
Clowning around.

Mickie and Amy.
 We ALL had a wonderful time.



Knowing that this is just one many trails in the area, sends shivers of excitement up my spine.  I can't wait to explore them all.


  1. I'm having such a great time being shown round Nova Scotia, without even getting on a plane. Pleeez take me on all those walks too. I think Butters better go on a diet. The entire table is taken up with cat!

  2. Lynne, Butters thinks of himself as "big-boned" ... lol

    P.S. you know I'm gonna drag you everywhere ...

  3. Looks like a fabulous time!
    And O.M.G. what a ginormous kitty! Love it!

  4. just curious if my picture shows up like yours does if I sign in differently! :-)

  5. Karma, my image seems to be feeding from my Blogger profile. I think it's also generated by Google ... I dunno. It's all sorta magic to me ...

  6. We did have a great time. And now, thanks to you and your great blogging skills, I can go again, and again, and again.....

  7. My goodness, didn't you have a wonderful time? So many adventures... You'll both have to sleep from now until the Equinox. :)
    I like YMCA shadows da best.

  8. Thanks Sara. I like that shot too.

    I did do lots of sleeping Kathy ...

  9. my mother is a huge fan of haven where in nova scotia is the grey gull located i would love to take her there

    1. Haven is filmed around the Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenberg area

      The Grey Gull is on Tilley's Cove, on St. Margarets Bay Road. If you go to Google Earth you can see it.


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