Saturday, February 11, 2012

There, and back again.

Did you miss me ?

I've been away, visiting family in Ottawa.

Here is the cute little plane that took me there.

It was so little you had to duck your head to get in.

Take-off was delayed, until after we got de-iced.

And then we were off, quickly rising into the air.  In no time, we were above the clouds, in bright sunshine.

šš    ššš

I used to be very frightened of flying.  I was downright embarrassing.  I'd sob and clutch the arms on my chair with white knuckles.  But even the most fearful among us cannot sustain a crying-jag for the full duration of a flight.  In my misery I'd stare out the window, contemplating the ridiculousness of hurtling through air while trapped in a heavy metal container.  Somewhere along the way, I began to marvel at the view.  I'd point my camera out the window, and forget to be scared.   The fearfulness got tediousness, while my thrill at the wonder of FREAKIN' FLYING grew and grew.

What you see from a plane is pure MAGIC !

In winter it seems even more so.

These photos were taken as we were descending into the Ottawa airport.

I was sorry that the flight was almost over.

But family and friends were waiting.


  1. Fun pictures! It has been years since I've been on a plane. A tiny part of me gets a little nervous about that whole concept of "hurtling through the air trapped in a heavy metal container" but the rest of me is usually too excited about the destination to care!

  2. Congrats on mastering your fear of flight. Those are awesome pics. I love flying, except those long overseas flights during which you're supposed to be able to sleep but all I do is phobe about the eventual trek to the water "closet."

    Little planes sort of bug me, but only because here in the west, they get tossed around like m&m's when they fly over the mountains. Rumble tummy.

  3. Great pics Syb. It is nice to see snow in Ontario.

    I love flying, anywhere, anytime!

  4. I missed you! I missed you! Raising hand wildly. I used to afraid of flying, too, except maybe not to the point of sobbing except that time when lightening almost hit the plane and we had to land in Indianapolis and my son sat next to my laughing and talking with a girl the whole time like nothing was happening. Ooops, too much information. Love your pics, Sybil!

  5. Wonderful pictures, Sybil! I hadn't flown for 34 years until 2008. (I had flown home from Greece in 1974. My mom was afraid of flying so we went to Greece by ship, but there wasn't time for that on the way home.) I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. We flew again in the winter of 2009 and left in a snowstorm, going through that deicing first as you did. Just kept telling myself they knew what they were doing... What a thrill when we finally took off and got above the clouds where the sun was shining brightly! I'll never forget it...

    Hope you had a wonderful time visiting your family!

  6. Great photos you captured from your flight in nice weather with that rather small plane, Sybil. A large plane would not give that opportunity. I hope you had a nice time in Ottawa?

  7. Thank everyone. Nice to know that I wasn't the only timid flyer ...

    Had a terrific time in Ottawa ! Thanks for asking Truel.

  8. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog (always wanted to skate on the Rideau Canal) and I had to come back to stop here. Perhaps it was because my dad was a pilot, but it didn't occur to me to be afraid of flying until I became an adult. I guess others' stories got to me by then. I'm not really scared, but let's just say I experience ever so slight trepidation as the plane lifts off. Once in the air! I'm like you. Looking down on the earth - on geographical magic and man's footprint on it is one of the most amazing experiences.


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