Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where's Sandy ?

I'm at the airport to pick up friend, Sandy, who is flying in from Ontario, for an all-too-brief visit.

As I've said before, you know someone is a really good friend, when they come to visit you in Nova Scotia in  February !

Stanfield International Airport is a nice small-sized airport.

I arrive in good time.

But where is Sandy ?

Not on the centrally located escalator.

Not at the luggage carousels.

Where IS Sandy ?

Oh wait.

Hang on a sec.

Over there.

I think I see her.


  1. Hi Sandy! Have a blast with Sybil!

  2. At what time did you pick her up? That airport looks downright deserted. I have to drive loving sister and hubby tomorrow to our airport and it will be PACKED! (Damn charters, and people who can take them) >;(


  3. Cuuute! She's clawing through glass to get to you!

  4. Oh fun. (They did let her out, right? These days you just never know.)

  5. Oops nearly missed her! Have a great visit!

  6. Have a great visit, Sandy and Sybil! Nothing like spending time with a friend to brighten up the winter!

  7. Oh, my God, I have so much to read here. Fascinated already.

  8. Kathy, I had a blast with Sandy. She left yesterday. I just posted the first of several updates about our adventures.

    ITC-1 ... the airport wasn't totally empty. I just made sure no one was in the shots.

    We had so much fun.

  9. Isn't it good to have friends visiting from far away.
    What an interesting building. You must go there and investigate again with your camera.


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