Thursday, March 22, 2012

How can I blog at a time like this ?

No, no, don't panic.  Nothing bad has happened.

Well that depends on how you define "bad".

The weather has been spectacular for several days now.

Most Canadians, laugh at the March calendar date for the beginning of spring.  "Ha!" we say, "the calendar is such a tease."  We can't plant our vegetable gardens and tender annuals until late May.

The average high temperature in mid-March is 5 or 6 C with lows at or below freezing.  We can have snow as late as May.

That said, the high for today is predicted to be 27 C  (Kathy, that's 80.6 F)  !!!   A bit cooler at 20 or so, nearer the shore.  

Normally, we wouldn't see temperatures like this until summer, in June, July or August.

These ridiculous, hot temperatures are great for those of us who love to spend outside in the garden, puttering about, or by the seashore, NOT bundled under layers of clothing, freezing in an on-shore Atlantic wind.   

Great for us.  Not so great for good ol' mother earth.  My good chum, Amy-Lynn explained the problem succinctly, in her latest Flandrum Hill post.

So, here I sit typing as fast as I can, sucking back my tea and chomping toast with peanut butter, while Trey is has his morning jog beside me on the treadmill.  All done in haste to get outside and enjoy this T-shirt weather.

Until the climate comes to its senses, I'm going to take the advice posted on the "Last Page of the Internet" ...

If you're experiencing similar weather -- I respectfully suggest you do the same.


  1. Nice photo. Our Schneeglöckchen dropped their blooms about 2 weeks ago. Looks like yours are just starting.

    But a beautiful day here as well.

  2. Such an odd weather pattern here as well. Snow all gone, sat on the deck in the sun, the Little Bastard raked the front lawn and next day 1.5" of snow! Gone now but never forgotten. Tulips peeking thru the ground. Itchin'to get the fingers dirty.


  3. You better believe it Sybil! It's hot hot hot here! I had to put Poppy in a sunhat when we explored the park. I love it. Can't wait to get to the beach with you. Shall we go tomorrow? Vicky xx

  4. The prophets of doom are around every warm day, every thunder storm, every tornado. There is nothing different about our weather pattern - just more "doom and gloom" media. why? It boosts ratings, of course!

  5. thank you so very, very much for putting that Fahrenheit translation in there! I saw your first Celsius reading and sighed, fearing ignorance would rule. As for this crazy spring weather, it's finally moderating here. Are you cooler?

  6. We've had a bit of everything here. Early snow, then no snow. Then more snow, now summer weather, to be followed by who knows what?

    Climate change is definate. It is happening. Of course, the climate has always been a state of flux, and the naysayers like to pounce on the fact that Mother Earth routinely goes through cold and hot spells.

    What troubles me is the speed at which these changes are happening in our life time. What should take 10,000 years is happening in 50 years. Adaptation is impossible within this framework.

  7. Early spring here in Orkney (Scotland) too. I'm making the most of it - who knows how long it will last!! And how on EARTH did you get your dog Trey to use a treadmill? Brilliant idea....hmmm doubt I can convince the cat to have a go though....

  8. Bob, we call Schneeglöckchen, snowdrops. You're right, they only just bloomed. They're one of the first flowers to bloom, along with crocii.

    ITC-1, I think it's a bit early for tulips here or in Saskatoon.

    MargaretJ, let's agree to disagree on the climate change front. :-)

    Lynne, the temperature has gone back down. You need to bundle up for the beach today.

    Kathy, my fingers are crossed that your blooming fruit trees hang on until your REAL spring arrives.

    Linda, you said it.

    Sian, all our dogs use the treadmill. Started off with them on leash and I sat beside him and gave him a treat every minute or so. Then the least came off and the treats weren't handed out so often.

  9. 27 degrees in March. And snow in April. What is going on here?


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