Friday, April 13, 2012

Defying Gravity.

I think we've established how much I like flying, looking down on the earth far below.  Sadly, I have to use a plane to experience it, but otherwise it's terrific.

It was only once I was in the plane, and looking at the route displayed on the seat-back in front of me, that I realized we'd be flying over mountains.  (insert squeal of delight here)  

Oh it is so magical seeing the world from up so high.

The skies were clear for much of the trip.  It was wonderful watching the changing landscapes from forests to farmland to bogs to foothills.  My window seat guaranteed me and excellent view.  And there was a bonus.

The plane was far from full.  Any time I wanted to look out the other side of the plane, I could.

Wasn't sure if those were forest fires .

Actually it was a bit hazy.  But when you're four miles up, that's sorta understandable.

Sigh ...

I'd left Halifax at 3 p.m. and thanks to my ability to travel back through time, arrived in Portland, Oregon, a mere 4 hours later, after flying for 8 hours !

And here kiddies is your bonus shot.  Pay close attention to the distance travelled, speed, and direction of travel.  Any questions ?  


  1. Have a great time!

  2. Awesome Sybil! I was working on some writing and the thought popped in my head that I should check to see if you escaped the snow. Good for you! Enjoy your trip. I've always wanted to visit Oregon.

  3. {Insert squeal of delight} Oh I love those views from up above. Ummm, I am a tad bit confused. I thought by reading this that you ONCE visited Oregon. But are you visiting NOW? Should I re-read for better accuracy? These are my questions.

  4. Have you traded the snow for rain? {Insert another squeal}

  5. Your aerial views are pretty awesome. That's a lot of time up in the air. I miss you and look forward to your safe return.

  6. Thanks Lynne.

    Scott, the snow was gone when I left Halifax but spring sure is farther along in Portland.

    Bob, Portland gets lots of rain. Lots and lots of rain, but the weather has been lovely for the last two days.

    Miss you too Amy-Lynn. Sitting in a chair and flying through the air is pretty awesome !

  7. Got a crack of dawn flight tomorrow myself! It has been 7 years since I've flown but I'm getting very excited. Hope you are having a wonderful time!


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