Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh pulll-eeeeeze. Are you kidding me ?

Good morning world.

Don't know what it's like where you are, but I'm going back to bed, and not getting up until all this is GONE !

My street this morning.

The sign says: "Welcome Spring."   Ha !

Snow above the front door, just waiting to fall on my head.

Roswell hangs out near the floor heater, by the window.

'night.  I'm heading back into hibernation.


  1. I'll wake you up when the spring returns. They've had it deeper in Annapolis Valley. Hope you had a lovely l;ong kip,Vicky xx

  2. Are you STILL in bed! I'm hittin' you with my elbow. It's time to GET UP, Sybil! A little Easter snow never ever hurt anyone. **grin** (and bear it)

  3. It was the same way here, Sybil. A real mess on the road.

  4. OK. The snow is gone but the weather is still damp and chilly.

    Owwww. Kathy, you just bonked me in the eye with your elbow. OK. OK. I'm getting up.

    Bob. Yep.

    Bonnie, I managed to avoid driving in it. Still got the snow tires on.

  5. Good lord that's a lot of snow!

    It looks really lovely from over here :-)
    oops I'd better be careful you don't bonk me in the eye with your elbow


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