Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scents and Sensibility.

From the time I arrived last Tuesday in Portland, I knew I had entered into the land of springtime.  Everything was lush and green and bursting into bloom.
The light rain the next day, added a wonderful, earthy smell to the mix.

As my chums will tell you, I'm nutty about moss.  Love moss.  Love its lush greenness.

Back in Ontario, I'd find a teeny patch of moss and go all giddy with joy.

Moved to Nova Scotia, and was delighted to find that great carpets of moss blanked the woods, still glowing green, even in winter.

But in Oregon, the moss carpets the trees.
Then ferns grow on the moss.
Green, upon green, upon green.

Almost like being in a prehistoric forest.

Hey !  Wait ...


  1. Ah, the rare Mossy Mastadon.

  2. Holy Crap! You found a ranging Bryophyta Mammut Furlongi! Call the Archeological Society! Call the Museums of Antiquity! Heck, call the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta. Oh dash it all. Call me.
    Love the green mossy photos. So encouraging to know that life springs eternal.


  3. Oh for goodness' sake. With me on a walk, you just get lost in the woods. Without me you go a step further and get lost in time ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, you weren't that far from me! Although, what a difference 400 miles makes! Even during the spring, we don't get those thick, rich greens that Portland does. I love that town.

  5. Ha ha! That is so FUNNY! Did someone carve that? OK, they must have. I love moss, too. We have cedar swamps around here where you just want to become a cedar tree and hang out with the moss forever.

  6. I'm enjoying your Portland vacation almost as much as you are. Lush greenery - a Chinese garden - just what Miss Sadie ordered.

  7. I can almost smell that wonderful forest! What is that mossy creature in the last photo?

  8. Karma, I "think" it's a Mastodon, but couldn't get close enough to make sure. They're quite unpredictable you know.

    Gerry, I'm back in Nova Scotia now, but while I was away spring arrived. The timing of my trip could not have been better.

    Kathy, not sure if it's carved or not. I would love to hang out in your cedar swamp. Assuming the bugs aren't biting.


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