Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring in the Chinese Garden.

I'm still in Oregon, visiting family in Portland.  This is my first visit here, but I sincerely hope it won't be my last.

Wednesday we visited the Chinese Garden, which is located on one city block in downtown Portland.

Amazing to see what can be done with one city block.

The pond was about six inches deep, and inhabited by koi of varying sizes.  Have a close look at the photo below.

The osprey had just dropped a white koi back into the pond, as it was too heavy to lift.  What a double-thrill to see it, and capture it on film.

Stacey and I then watched him from the second storey window of the tea house, as he perched on a pagoda roof.  He continued to entertain us as he swooped about dodging two birds that kept harassing him.

Another small surprise awaited us on our way out.

See her ?


  1. Great photos, Sybil. Looks peaceful.

  2. Portland looks beautiful through the eye of your camera. So you are traveling now. I love the ladder photo best. Enjoy the rest of your trip--and safe travels back home.

  3. beautiful, if only all city blocks looked like that!

  4. Isn't that little duck sweet, thinking she's well hidden there behind those grasses.

    The white koi incident was amazing. I wonder if it was ok afterwards. Did you see it swim off?


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