Wednesday, May 23, 2012

At the beach ...

Went to Cow Bay Beach today with my sister-in-law, Janet, who is visiting from Ontario.

Janet's plane had landed, and the rainy skies had promptly cleared.

A few short hours later we were strolling along the rocky beach at Cow Bay, watching the surfers who were trying to catch the fleeting waves,

and the mist that was rolling in on the far end of the beach.

The winds dropped.  The sun warmed the rocks.  We poked along picking up and comparing smooth rocks and unusual shells.

I found the broken bottom of a bottle, amongst the round beach rocks, and

couldn't resist holding it up in front of my camera's lens.

These images are the result.

Waddayathink ?


  1. Beautiful Sybs.. I continue to marvel at what you accomplish with that little camera.. you are a creative genius :)
    love ya
    xo J.

  2. They look almost ethereal. Are you sure that's the sun and not UFO's?? Or in a more sinister vein, the coming of Armageddon! But that's just the Sci-fi nut in me.


  3. The bottle pictures are beautiful. I would never think to do that. How artistic.

  4. An interesting effect!

    I stumbled across your blog last week and have enjoyed your posts. Look forward to reading more in the future.

  5. Neat idea! A walk on the beach always drums up a something interesting. Can't wait til the next time my toes are in the sand.

  6. Julie, I was surprised at the image I captured. Nothing ventured.

    ITC -- Armageddon ? If we can survive Steven Harper, we can survive anything !

    Thanks Bonnie.

    NOVA -- Thanks for your kind comments and for dropping by.

    karmadav, hitting the beach is so relaxing, sand, soothing sounds and lovely waves.

  7. Wow, what a lovely effect. You're toooo clever! Serious competition in the photography stakes! I want to go there now!!

    Vicky xx


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