Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hanging around ...

Yesterday, part of the day was spent hanging around in the yard.

I hung around, digging in the dirt.

Trey hung around on his spring-loaded rope.  Sometimes he whined, or softly growled, his muscles rippling down his body as he rhythmically tugged and tugged on the rope.

Occasionally Buffy joined in the fun, and the two of them circled around, each trying to get a better grip on the rope, and yank it out of the other's mouth.

I puttered about, digging in the dirt, moving plants, putting in new stuff or just sitting on the " bridge" watching the frogs.

Somehow six frogs discovered the pond last year, found it to their liking, and stayed.  All six of them went into hibernation, and much to my relief, all six of them came back out of hibernation in the spring.

Pond, flowers and waving laundry are reflected in my gazing globe.


  1. What an utterly glorious day you had! What kind of frogs are those? I've never seen any around here. The yard looks great. Can you come out and plan mine!!!!! (HINT, HINT)


  2. How lovely, Sybil. To have a little pond would be delightful. The gazing globe is beautiful.

  3. That first photo looks like dog yoga! Unbelievable!

  4. ITC - not a chance. lol Happy to give you tips.

    Bonnie, I do love having water in the garden.

    Linda, Trey is crazy about his rope.

  5. Love those froggies! How did you get that last shot?

    Vicky x


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