Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If it's Thursday, this must be Fundy.

Dear friend, Pat, flew back to Ontario on Monday, after a whirlwind, six-day visit.

The weather was less than perfect, but we soldiered on through rain and shine, but mostly rain.  "Soldiered on": -- heck we tore around the province as if our very lives depended on it.  We crammed a lot of sight-seeing into a few short days.  I didn't realize how very much we'd done until I was selecting these images.

As evidence, herewith, Exhibit "A", photos from all  our trips.

 Bay of Fundy at low tide.

We checked out the spectacular view at Blomidon Lookoff,

Abandoned church, complete with falling-in roof.

We shivered our way along the beach at Scots Bay at low tide.

Hall's Harbour with its extreme tides, is always worth a visit.

Parabolic mirrors present fun self-portrait opportunities.

We weren't able to walk far along this shore,
as the tide was coming in.  With tides of 45 feet, it's a good
idea to check the tide timetable.  

Pat found the "jelly bean" cottages at Huntington Point enchanting.
Typical of Nova Scotia, there are no signs, directing tourists there.
Next we visited the unique concrete home of the
cottages'creator, Charles MacDonald..  It wasn't open so we weren't
able to check out its interior.  Darn !

From the concrete bird houses, to the concrete lawn furniture,
the place was full of surprises.

Of course, we went to the Tangled Garden, which I had recently visited
for the first time with my Sister-in-Law, Janet.

It was even more "tangled" than it was on my previous visit,
two weeks ago.

Here we are in my favourite used-book store, Dustjacket Books.
I always go to the bookstore on choir Fridays.

It was our "Lunch Bunch" choir's last performance of the season.

Not done yet.  We also ...

visited the historic "Hydrostone" district of Dartmouth, which was
built after the devastating Halifax Explosion of 1917 levelled much of the city.

The Old Burying a fascinating place to explore.

The sun came out for our visit to the lovely Public Gardens.

Rhododendrons thrive in a myriad of colours in Nova Scotia. 

It was graduation day, and excited, over-dressed grads, were posing everywhere
for countless photos, to memorialize this special day in their lives.

Guess what we did whilst checking out the lupines and murals  in Dartmouth ?

We put pennies on the railroad tracks.
Have you ever done that ?

Still not done.  We also, 

went walking at Hartlen Point,

and around the McCormack's Boardwalk,

at low tide.

We re-found a nameless, neglected cemetery, near Sambro, 
that I had stumbled across a couple of years ago.

Hemlock Ravine Park is a wonderful place for a walk.

We went for a walk along the boardwalk in Halifax,

with Wendy and Trey,

and saw Theodore tugboat.

Pat treated me to a delicious lunch at Murphy's on the Wharf.

Before she left, we took one final trip to the "secret beach"not far from my home.
Pat declared it her favourite place to be.

Now I think of it, Pat did say that she slept really well while visiting.  

No wonder -- she must have been exhausted !


  1. Wow, what a wonderful tour! Thanks for taking me along. I know exactly where that 'secret' beach is. I'll be visiting it myself soon. Make sure the weather shapes up in time for my arrival please! Vicky xxx

  2. Great pictures! You certainly put a lot of activity into a few days. The Tangled Gardens looks interesting. You are a great tour guide.

  3. What an amazing week you and Pat shared. Nova Scotia Tourism could use this post as a marketing campaign.

  4. I want to come and visit for a whirlwind tour! The photo of you's two in the bookstore is my favorite! ~Remi

  5. Lynne, Can't wait to hang out at the 'secret' beach with you. Weather has improved greatly.

    Thanks Bonnie, The Tangled Gardens were a real find.

    mostlybrightideas -- and there is so much more to see here ... I love this province so much !

    Remi, you cannot visit. You LIVE here. :-)

  6. What will it be like in Sept? I'm planning, planning and conniving!


  7. Wow! What a lot of fun. Wonderful photos. I particularly love the one from inside the bookstore and McCormick Boardwalk at low tide.

    1. Thanks Linda. No idea why I didn't reply to your comment earlier. I love the boardwalk.

  8. OK, this looks like you both had a wonderful time! Very cool, Sybil. And what a lot of photos you shared with us here. It's so neat when we can have a place like that secret beach to visit. Magical.

    1. I love the secret beach. I'll take you there for sure if you make it to N.S.

  9. Theodore the tug spent the weekend here in Norfolk about a month ago. It was a Facebook worthy moment.

    1. Glad he got down for a visit. People on visiting cruise ships are always tickled when he pulls along side, as he is a working tug.


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