Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A foggy walk at Hartlen Point ...

Wendy, Trey and I had a nice walk this afternoon at Hartlen Point.

Heavy fog kept rolling by as we walked along the cobbled shore below the cliffs.

The dogs chased the ball into the ocean, or up the eroding cliffs.

It was cooler today and perhaps that was what was causing the fog.  Whatever the reason, I love the way it "fuzzes" up reality's edges.

Things that are normally sharp and clear, take on a softer look.


'cept for Trey.  He always makes sure that you can see him clearly.

While Wendy waits patiently in the background.

And all the while the ocean waves breathe IN and OUT, IN and OUT.

And the gentle breeze brings the jumbled scent of wild roses and sea life.

It feels magical to be near the ocean on a foggy day.

Don't you agree ?


  1. That looks like a wonderful place to be right now. The heat and humidity is supposed to release us a bit tomorrow, but today the air felt as thick as soup when I opened the back door to let the dogs out this morning.

  2. From my sun-drenched local, this looks like bliss. I love the shot of Wendy waiting in the background.

  3. Karma, It's lovely in the evening. Always a cool breeze off the Atlantic. Last night I stood on the shore watching a cruise ship leaving the harbour (teeny, tiny on the horizon), while one of the "Tall Ships" looked like it was visiting with an oil tanker.

    Linda, Wendy always hangs back. She figures it gives her a good head start at getting the ball.

    Les, I love it coz it's different with every visit.

  4. I am smelling the wild roses and want to walk in the fog. Oh be careful and don't fall off any cliffs into the sea!!

  5. Kathy, I'll pick you up at the airport and right after we go to "Timmies", I'll take you to see the sea.

  6. Excellent idea, Ms. Sybil! As long as we don't fall off any cliffs.

  7. I too love the way fog ""fuzzes" up reality's edges" and the way the ocean breaths, although I don't think I've ever experienced them together. In the future, after reading this post and viewing these images, if someone asks me, I'll say, "Oh yes, I have been by the ocean on a foggy day, and it was magical".


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