Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer in a colander.

Is there anything that embodies the word "summer" more than going strawberry picking on a hot day ?

Bent over, our backs warmed by the sun, our fingers feather their way through the green leaves,

seeking out the juiciest, reddest berries in the patch.

It's not just about the harvesting.

It's a time of building memories with family,

 or with friends.

and the best part of all is that sampling is allowed.

I do lots of sampling.

It's a wonderful experience -- like being a child again.


  1. What a good day you had! Frankly, I love the flavour of Strawberries, I just don't like the actual berries themselves. Weird or What. (Thank you W. Shatner!)

  2. I didn't know you had ever taken a break from being a child. You look like Edith Ann in that big chair ;)

  3. Lovely lovely lovely.. I can smell the berries from here :)
    xo j.

  4. Sigh, I missed the fresh strawberries around here for the most part! I bought 1 quart, and by the time I thought of going picking they had already passed by. Enjoy yours! Nice pictures and post!

  5. **Like, like! Pushing the like button! I love summer in a colander. And is that you in that picture, Edith Ann? (stealing from Amy Lynn up above in the comments.)

  6. ITC - so you eat them but you don't like to TOUCH 'em ?

    Amy-Lynn, I FELT like Edith Ann.

    Thanks Karma. I'm freezing 'em but there are never enough.

    Yep Kathy, that is me, feeling like Edith Ann.

  7. I used to take my kids berry picking when they were small and your post, and lovely pictures, reminds what a fun time we had. Thank you so much Sybil!

  8. Where did you pick them, Sybil? We used to pick all our fruit in Scotland and I made enough jam to feed the Glen! I miss the gooseberries and blackcurrants.

  9. Time to go back berry picking Rosie.

    Jackie, it was up by Truro but there must be places closer to Lunenberg ...


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