Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again ...

Just returned from a four day trip exploring the "far side" of the Minas Basin.

I had great plans to drive to to see the fossil-cliffs at Joggins -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  From there I was going to travel to the National Historic Site at Louisburg in Cape Breton.

All packed and ready to go.
Did I mention, I sleep in the car?
Things didn't go exactly as I'd planned.  In fact, I never made it to Louisburg.  I didn't even get to Joggins.  Like a Magpie with a driver's licence, I am attracted to shiny things.  For me, "shiny things" = side roads.  Every side road leading to the water, calls to me.   If it says "Cove Road" or "Wharf Road",  I turn down it. It is both a blessing and curse that these roads inevitably lead to somewhere that deserves more than a quick look.  Instead of just snapping a photo of the view, and continuing on my merry way, the car gets parked, Wendy and I hop out, and it's another two hours before we're back on the road.

An impulsive turn down Diligent River Road, lead to a stunning harbour at low tide.

Deteriorating old wharf at Diligent River.  
We followed the drying river to the Bay,

 and then continued on down the beach.

The distinctive profile of Cape Split, on the opposite side of the 
Minas Basin.
Wendy is a marvellous travelling companion.
Tidal pool.
By the time we got back from our beach walk, the harbour was re-filling with water.  Something tells me that we'd been out for much longer than two hours.

Once back in the car, we had barely turned onto the main road, when something caught my eye.

Ruins tug at me, much like roads that lead to the water.

Can you see my dilemma ?


  1. I can see your dilemma Sybs! It's good that your plans are "flexible." Joggins and Louisburg will be waiting when you're ready :)
    Those church photos are amazing..

  2. Oh Julie, I have so much fun exploring this amazing province ... and I know you WILL too !

  3. Sybil, you are my kind of traveler! I, too, love to just hit the road with a general idea of where I'm going and then let the road unfold as it may. And I sleep in the car, too! Who needs and RV?

    1. A woman after my own heart. Sleeping in the car is nicer than on the ground.

  4. I see you dilemma. I understand about the attraction to shiny things. Some things just beg our attention, don't they?

    1. It's been a running joke about me ...I don't focus ... my attention is everywhere ...

  5. It kills my son when we travel together. He is a point A to B person with the quickest route possible. I have tried to explain to him the virtues of the journey being as important as the destination, but my thoughts have fallen on deaf ears and a mind prone to more logic than mine.

    BTW, my Tree Hugging Dirt Worshiper bumper sticker is also on the lower right corner of my bumper.

    1. Les, that's why I like travelling with a dog. lol

      My brother gave me that bumper sticker and I love it.


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