Thursday, October 11, 2012

In which Lynne becomes an amphibian whisperer ...

Lynne and I went to Amy-Lynn's the other day for a lovely walk in her woods.

It seemed to be a day for noticing mushrooms and fungii.

I love how the grass is growing right through this fungus -- oh wait -- maybe it's the fungus growing around the grass.  What do you think ?

This strange mushroom grew in a squishy looking clump.

I loved the way the cap on this one curled up revealing its gills.

I wanted to learn how to identify mushrooms and came across this lovely poster.  I still haven't learned much, except that eating just half of the cap of the wrong one can lead quickly to a nasty death.


"Do you want to see some salamanders ?", Amy-Lynn asked us.
Do we  ?  Of course we do !

She turned over a couple of rocks and revealed one salamander after another.  It was like a salamander-city!

You do have to be careful how you handle salamanders.  Some of them have no lungs and breathe through their skin and mouth.

I tried to hold one in my hand and photograph it, but it moved too fast for me.  After reassuring Lynne that they do not bite, she offered to hold one, or two for a portrait.

The warmth of her hand  brought them out of their sleepy torpor, and they moved from one hand to another at an increasing pace.

I think that Lynne can now officially consider herself a "Salamander whisperer".

 Cute, isn't he ?


  1. No salamanders here, but I, too find the amazing variety of mushrooms and other fungi fascinating and beautiful. Wonderful captures here, Sybil and I love your frankly enthusiastic enjoyment of each discovery.

  2. That salamander was cute in a demure kind of way wasn't it? I still have some salamander pics to post from this past weekend. They're so sweet. I wonder if they're edible... just kidding dearest ;)

  3. Lynn is a good sport: a salamander whisperer and photographer's assistant. I think I've seen that same poster, and learned about the same thing you did from it. Mushrooms are pretty amazing in their diversity in looks and properties. They can be so delicious and deadly.

  4. Nice photos of the mushrooms Sybil.
    I agree that Lynn's a good sport. I don't think I'd enjoy a cold wet thingie running over my hand!

  5. Very cute! I'd pick it up...I think...maybe...

  6. Sybil...we just found one in our basement....Mickie

  7. Sybil...we just found one in our basement....Mickie

  8. Sybil...we just found one in our basement....Mickie


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