Thursday, January 24, 2013

I know it's cold but ...

I know it's cold, but Wendy and Trey really, really, wanted: make that, needed a run today.  So I put on a sweater, a hoodie sweat shirt, outer pants over my jeans, gloves and mitts.  The hood on my sweat top went over my ear muffs.  I tied my hoodie under my chin and zipped my winter coat as high as I could.  Big fluffy socks and lined boots finished my preparations.

On one side of the road is the Shearwater Forces Base and on the other, Morris Lake.

Chasing the ball across Morris Lake.

Shortly after arriving, I lobbed the ball pretty high, and was started to see a large, snowy owl drift out of the trees and cruise silently over my head seeking a more private perch.  What a thrill.  

As I walked along, I discovered what looked like coyote tracks running in the opposite direction than we were travelling.   A different set of animal tracks crossed its path.

Strangely enough these tracks were made by a bird.  Why walk when you can fly ?

In the photo below, you can see the bird finally decided to take my advice.

Silly bird !


  1. Funny how the sunniest, prettiest days are often the coldest. I think that birdie was foraging.

    1. Hope he found what he was looking for ...

  2. A snowy owl!! Lucky, lucky you! We've been learning about the Arctic at the preschool and one of the groups made snowy owls this week. It's been feeling a lot like the Arctic here lately!

    1. I'm ready for it to start feeling like Nova Scotia and not like the Arctic ...

  3. I cannot imagine how you walked wearing all that clothing :-)

    Wow what a thrill to see a snowy owl in the daytime and at such close range!
    I love your photos of the animal tracks. You're so observant!

    1. The layers of clothing really aren't a bother or impediment Rosie. The only problem is if there are gaps anywhere. i.e. wind whipping up your back or down your neck ...
      I am observant coz I have wild ADD. Driving with me can be a bit alarming as I point out birds perched in trees: my daughter says "You should be watching the road and not looking for/at birds !"


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