Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A lighthouse, several Ovens, and some surf.

Across the harbour from the Fortress at Louisbourg, lies the Louisbourg lighthouse.   Pat and I checked it out the evening before we visited the Fortress,

This is the third lighthouse on this site.  The stonework ruins of the first tower still remain.  Completed in 1734, that lighthouse was badly damaged during the final siege of the Fortress in 1758.

Nearby, a scenic trail followed the chilly Atlantic shoreline.  We both wished for warmer weather and more time to explore it, but had to settle for just standing and staring...

... and telling each other, "next time ...".

We came across this stunning piece of graffiti  depicting the Fortress across the harbour, painted on a rock cut on the lighthouse road.  

Once back in the Passage, we went to nearby Flag Pond, to explore the cobble beach and check out the surfing beach.

It was still chilly, so we had to bundle up.  As the Atlantic is never warm, the surfers did too.

We couldn't believe that in mid-June we had to open up my winter duds storage box, and find some gloves to wear !  In the photo below, you can see Pat wearing gloves, as she makes a video of the beach and wave sounds.

Happily the sun did come out, and temperatures rose as we headed to "The Ovens", toward the end of Pat's stay.  Ovens, is another word for sea caves.

A beautiful trail follows the cliff edge.  The closer we got to the sea caves, the more nervous the dogs became.

I realized that the water crashing into the caves, was creating a deep thrumming sound like thunder, sometimes right beneath our feet, and that was what was unsettling the dogs.

We took turns going down into this cave: one of us staying behind with the dogs.

I was unable to take a photo that did justice to the beauty of that cave, and I was frustrated to find that I could NOT figure out how to make my new-to-me camera, take a video.

The surf would pound into the narrowing cave and there would be a huge reverberation, as the volume of water wasn't able to get through the opening at the back of the cave, bouncing back out with a BOOM! and a cloud of mist.

What a spectacular location !    

I would definitely recommend it to any visitors to this lovely province.  Heck, I'd be happy to escort them there.

By the way,

when are you coming ?


  1. I think I would love this place!

    1. I assume you mean the Ovens. There was a cobble beach there too. I'll be posting more pics of that too.

      The trails really were lovely Les.

  2. Those caves are really cool! Nice pictures! At least the sun finally made an appearance. How are temperatures doing in your part of the world these days? Better than on this trip I hope!

    1. No worries. It's warmed up nicely. Now if the sun would just come out again ...

  3. Thses photos of all that you two visited are are so good. The cave is interesting but I'd be chicken to look inside. I really, really, enjoyed these pictures, Lynda.

    The painted rock was actually very pretty. Someone with lots of talent painted that.

    I must say you'd make a good ambassador for Nova Scotia. Even one dog was wearing a bandana advertising Nova Scotia. :-)

    1. I agree, that graffiti was amazing. It's a pity that it was in a location that few people would see.

      Glad you liked the pictures.

      Maybe Nova Scotia should hire me ? ;-)

  4. Very cool lighthouse! And the "ovens" are amazing. Lucky you, to get to see them! We, too, can't believe it's this cool in June. You still have to bundle up!

    1. What a crazy spring ! They kept telling us that it would be above normal this summer ... hmmmm. We're into T-shirt weather now ... 'cept we've had seven days of rain in a row !

  5. What a fantastic area ! Your pictures are spectacular. Caves, coast, superb graffiti, I love everything about this post. Thanks.

    1. Well ! I love everything about your comment ! :-)


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